Microsoft Starts New Xbox 360 Ban Wave

Today Microsoft have started banning Xbox 360 consoles of people with

Flashed Xbox
Gamer score
modded avatars
infections on COD4
infections On World at war
Infections on MW2

Anything which breaches the Xbox 360′s code of conduct is eligible for a ban. If your console has been flagged for any of the above or any similar activities, you’ll be banned in all possibility during this ban wave.

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kyl2772728d ago

Did they not just do a big UNBANNING wave recently?

EYEamNUMBER12728d ago

there was a story here a while back where microsoft guys said no never happened

user8586212728d ago

Its was a minor error, all who got unbanned got banned again later in the day

rodeoo2728d ago

this type of banning happens everyday it is not like the console bans of a couple years ago. this is just a everyday thing. Check out if you don't believe me

MaxXAttaxX2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Microsoft has a good formula down:
1- Ban consoles(should have made it less easy to hack, really)
2- Fans forced to buy new systems
3- Hardware sales increase once more
4- Both M$ and fans claim victory in sales
5- ???
6- (fanboy)PROFIT

shoddy2728d ago

sale will go up since so many gamers dependant playing online, it's a must buy.
look how many Sony hate article when people couldn't play online for couple of weeks.

do it enough time it might backfire and people starting to buy ps3 for free online.

badz1492728d ago

couple of weeks? "days" you mean. it's mot even 2 weeks yet!

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Brash_Attack2728d ago

Yeah, but that only lasted a few hours and was a fluke.

Thecraft19892728d ago

It was accident all console where re banned within a day.

gcolley2728d ago

double ban. what an awesome idea. give it back and then take it away again.

darkziosj2728d ago

banning 2 or 3 people is not a banwave that site is a joke

7SBuzzLightyear7S2728d ago

It's funny, because it did happen, but illiterate and immature fanboys tried so hard to play it down, using a comment from Stepto as confirmation, when thousands of resourceful and trustworthy members of the modding community said otherwise.

Still, as always, people will believe one person, ironically, the same person who allowed an XBL user to be banned for putting 'Fort Gay' in his profile, when the place actually exists.

As for this story - Ha! Just because a handful of people get banned, it does not make it a ban wave.

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Counter Strike2728d ago

i joined one Cod4 infected lobby but i didnt created the lobby i dont even know how to do that... will i be banned?

deadpoole2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Dont sweat it bro ... if u didn't do it or not involved in any moddin or whatsoever ... your account wont be suspended ... reason ... modded or infected lobby hosts are already flagged.

This is how it is ... anything happenin over network out of norm is easily detectable ... how it is possible well ... its just like ... take an example ... when u mod you leave footsteps along with it, when team analyze these footsteps they can track similar footsteps and ban only those who are causing these footsteps ... not the innocent ones.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2728d ago

One of the oldest excuses. If you acquired the infections, then you will be suspended, at most.

Gamerfans2728d ago ShowReplies(2)
Master_S2728d ago

This is not a ban wave T_T

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