CJ Returning To GTA5? Also MotionScan Being Enhanced

1. Killer Instinct Arcade Giveaway
2. Socom 4 - 10/10 (Zipper Nailed It)
3. Gamer Goddess Thor Interview (360)
4. HipHopRss - Star Mike's New Video

1luv and God Bless enjoy the show

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SpaceSquirrel4417d ago

That will be cool as long as it is a cameo

LOGICWINS4417d ago

As long as its a cameo? Dude, I would hope to play as CJ again with next gen graphics. CJ was easily the best protagonist in the GTA series. There was no other GTA lead that was more customizable or had more abilities than CJ.

kyl2774417d ago

Tommy Vercetti was pretty sweet though.

LOGICWINS4417d ago

Yeah, but diving out of a plane in San Andreas for the first time in the mission where you go to Liberty City was one of the most EPIC moments I've ever had in gaming.

GTA: San Andreas is still IMO the best open world game to date. The amount of freedom and variety was just insane!

the_union_of_PS3604417d ago

Cj wasnt an interesting character he was ok. Niko was my fav.

Lamarthedancer4417d ago

Yeah CJ was pretty badass I hope we will play him again

Shame Big Smoke turned out to be the bad guy...He was a great character.

"I'll have two number nines, number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number fourtyfives, one with cheese.. and a large soda." :)

LOGICWINS4417d ago


CJ and Tommy Vercetti were the best GTA characters IMO.

Dee_914417d ago

CJ was my all time fav gta character
I didnt really like tommy that much

I seriously doubt he will be the main character
im not saying its impossible tho

I really want a new character but I wanna see cj

InactiveUser4417d ago

Every game is 10/10 with this guy, ridiculous.

LOGICWINS4417d ago

Yeah, when I saw that ten I was like "LOOOOL"

But then I saw the gameplay and I didn't see any glaring FLAWS. For HHG's review scale, a 10 for this is fine.

DaTruth4417d ago (Edited 4417d ago )

Tommy Vercetti was the best! He had the best one-liners during gameplay.

Lance Vance was also a hilarious guy. Just his dumb-assness made me laugh a lot!

Edit: Nice that this didn't degenerate into a HHG bashfest! I don't care for his show personally, but I'd rather talk about games than read a hundred comments badmouthing anyone!

ChrisGTR14416d ago

claude is my fav gta character. lol

nah id have to say niko.

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Trey_4_life4417d ago

Niko was good, just not the best.

limewax4417d ago

He was funny, but his backstory led on to have more to it than we got shown, They made him out to be deeper than he was, thats the main reason I am not a Niko fan, The DLC chapters were a lot more fun to me personally

aaabbbccc43244417d ago

niko was my favorite because he was the nicest and he had a lot in common with me apart from the fact he was a serial killer

Dee_914417d ago

I liked niko
he was like a hitman he really didnt share his opinion about stuff he was just trying to make money and rolling with stuff

but when he give his opinion on things you would be like :O like when he was talking to bernie lol
I liked him I just wish there was more customization like cj and funner things to do with him

limewax4417d ago (Edited 4417d ago )

Cant disagree with these opinions here actually lol, to be honest I may even need another playthrough, My judgement might have been a bit hazed due to being let down by the game overall, That initial factor out, I think it deserves another playthrough.

The more you guys back him the more I am actually starting to remember some really funny and even dark lines from him, apologies for the blunt assault at Niko, if I could edit it into a bit more of an opinion I would but too late unfortunately

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MagicAccent4416d ago

No, I want to see a female protagonist! Come on rockstar, if anyone can pull that off, it's you!

Persistantthug4416d ago (Edited 4416d ago )

They need to shake it up a bit, and a female character would be a good change, imo.

But can you imagine the sh17storm that will follow? Every Fox news'ish media group will be all over it. Probably womens groups too.

But, Rockstar seems to like it. lol

Hitman07694417d ago

This game will be amazing, Rockstar doesn't disappoint and the tech they have developed and pioneered with LA Noire will make this game that much more amazing. CJ is a pimp.

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Capdastaro4417d ago

I got excited then.

Then I realised who posted it.

Shaman4417d ago

Me too...I saw it was latest news with most approvals.I got excited as hell...and then I realized it was HHG.

Dee_914417d ago

dont start this shit
u didnt even have to comment

silvacrest4417d ago

heres what you should do in the future

see a interesting topic, click it

realize its a guy you dont agree with

backspace out