Toys R Us Leaks Mortal Kombat DLC Launch

Looks like Toys R Us has accidentally announced that some Mortal Kombat DLC will be released Wednesday. Whether it....

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MechaZain2779d ago

Today I learned Toys R Us sells mature games.

Moerdigan2779d ago

I have for quite awhile, and it honestly kinda bothers me.

Elimin82779d ago

Why does or should it bother you?

Larry L2779d ago

Why would it bother you? It's probably one of the only places that actually cards younger gamers to verify age.

But it's not like this is something new or anything. Toys R' Us has always sold M rated games. Toys R' Us is actually where I pre-ordered and bought both MK 1 and 2 when they originally released.

theaceh2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Agree with Moerdigan

The whole thing just feels borderline hypocrite/cynical. Like buying adult movies @ a religious center.

Giru0172778d ago

How so? I remember buying MK2 for SNES at Toys'R Us many many years back.

theaceh2778d ago


"How so? I remember buying MK2 for SNES at Toys'R Us"

... exactly... the children's version

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boogeyman9992779d ago

Man talk about the first day purchasers getting screwed lol, seems like every game is getting discounted this week.

And that DLC better not be on disc.

GamingGuru2779d ago

Can almost guarantee it'll be on disc.

limewax2779d ago

Retro Scorpion, Sub Zero, Reptile, Etc. Better be free if so, but that would enrage anyone who pre-ordered

Ser2779d ago


Free costume DLC? I wish.

limewax2779d ago

Im just being hopefull, These retro costumes are on disc, something ed boon said wouldn't happen, the least he could do is make the on disc content free. I really hope he doesnt pull one of these moves, I actually trusted this guy unfortunately

zeal0us2779d ago

skarlet is already on the disc she got no combos or voice overs or storyline, she can just punch and kick nothing else

Prototype2779d ago

I'm more pissed I paid $60 for a game to only be half the f-in price 2 weeks later!

Sitdown2779d ago

Why?......if it really makes you that upset, all you have to go do is see if your store will price match. If not, you can always purchase at ToysRus and then return that copy to the store you originally purchased from.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2779d ago

With the record over the past year you should be accustomed to it by now. Nearly every game except call of duty and a select few others have went rank and file on this practice.

I either use amazon with the pre order credits or wait a few weeks to pick up any new game now, its insane that this occurs but if we keep up with this buy into the exclusive pre order dlc from specific stores garbage it will only get worse come next gen.

jwk942779d ago

Pretty much all of the dlc for the next 1-2 months is already on the disc. Hackers have already shown around 12 character that are just locked.

Foxgod2779d ago

Which are those?
I only heard of Chameleon, Scarlett, Tremor and Rain.
All other hacks are just generic Zombies and other NPC characters...

jwk942779d ago

Oh? Really? I thought there were bosses in there too? Idk, I don't own MK so i couldn't really say, you'll have to go look at the article itself.

Captain Qwark 92778d ago

where did you read that? i have only heard of kenshi and skarlett and both of those are just character models, no moves, fatalities, ladder endings, etc.

and the video of skarlett is just her models with mileena moves and what looks like jax's throw fyi

Foxgod2778d ago

The hack that is out for MK allows you to play as Chameleon and Tremor as well.
But i am not sure how complete those models are, probably even less complete then Scarlett.

KidMakeshift2779d ago

I really don't know how this kinda stuff flies. It comes off as crooked and illegal to withhold content that is part of the retail purchase.

Giru0172778d ago

It's not... On disc are the klassic costumes, 3 classic fatalities and the character models for Hotaru, Kenshi and Skarlet (who appear in story mode) that don't have any moves, fatalities, voices, endings, portraits... ANYTHING! Just a blank model with no moves/combos but a generic PUNCH-KICK.

And the "locked" characters are the bosses and hidden bosses, we do not know if they'll be unlockable or get unlocked for free/DLC down the road, so no rip-off there either.

gorebago2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I just picked it up at Toys R Us for $30. Glad I waited.

Recessions rule.

DLC already on the disc doesn't rule though.

MeNoRasta2779d ago

Dlc same day as black ops map pack comes out.

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