Potential Effects of the PSN Downtime on the PS3

2 weeks is a long time. The good news is, that it was recently announced that the PSN network will supposedly be up and running in a few days. PlayStation Network users will be getting some freebies too, as thanks for “sticking in there.” However, given the extent of the security breach, and the length of time for the outage, one would wonder what kind of fallout this could have on Sony, the PS3, and the PSN.

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CynicalVision2816d ago

'If this type of security breach/downtime happens again…'

Hopefully not, PSN 2.0 has multiple firewalls and additional security systems. It should be enough for any attempted breach in the future.

metsgaming2816d ago

the pentagon gets hacked all the time, no company will have higher security then the pentagon. The only thing it takes someone who wants to do it and time.

WildArmed2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Actually, you'd be surprised how the pentagon's security compares to the top standards of network security.

Bagsey682816d ago

Potential effects of PS3 downtime = me going cold turkey from DCUO.

Ruggadagod2816d ago

i mean it's fun, but not better than a good single player game. thank goodness i didn't full get sucked into it. i'm playing some single player games on my ps2 slim right now and i forgot all about the psn incident lol.

IGAMEHARD2816d ago

even tho ur off topic i will answer ur question. online vs story, they are two separate things. addiction? because people in general love competition. i hope this adequately answers your condescending question.

pupa2816d ago

Bots and AI sucks as compared to your whit and brain against another player. That simple.