Wii Sales Slowing Down; Was Sony & Microsoft Right?

Games Outlook asks was Sony & Microsoft Right?

"The sales of the Nintendo Wii have been slowing down in recent months at stated below in the Osaka report:

OSAKA: Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd posted its second straight fall in annual profit on Monday, as sales of its ageing Wii games console slowed and the March 11 earthquake weighed on Japanese consumer spending. Operating profit fell 52 percent to 171.1 billion yen ($2.09 billion) in the year ended in March from 356.8 billion yen the previous year."

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FlameBaitGod4803d ago

Y wouldn't they go down, I mean seriously..... how much more do they need to sell ? almost everyone has a freaking wii, I'm amazed it took this long for its sales to go down.

Will-UK4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Very true nearly everyone I know with a PS3 or 360 has or had a Wii. I think Nintendo know its dying out slowly so are releasing a new console to catch up with the HD consoles. Also to keep up interest in Nintendo and increase the slumping profits.

perfectCarbonara4803d ago

LOL, this was the console that at some point was supposed to overtake the PS2 in ww sales.


PS2 remains the most successful console ever.

Valk4803d ago

LOL Great job kid. Celibrate a company selling a faulty console to the point they had to be sued to fix it. Thats really something to brag about...

BTw DS is the most succesful. Did it without selling faulty hardware and forcing people to buy 2-3.

I am sure you will disagree like a good sheep but software sales speak for themselves. Both Wii and DS have done something PS2 never achieved. Games that sold over 20 million copies.The lawsuit over PS2 is common knowledge also

heroicjanitor4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

That's because Nintendo consoles concentrate all software sales on a handful of Nintendo titles, PS2 has the highest software sales of all time and the highest attach rate. With the wii people buy the Nintendo games and nothing else, so of course they have individual games destroying others in terms of sales, it isn't an even fight for third parties. They also bundle a lot.

PS2 is still the highest selling console, though the DS will overtake it this year(which is because it has been much cheaper for the majority of its life. Cheap things generally outsell higher priced things).

The DS does force people to buy more than one. Myself and all of my brothers have one each because we can't play separate pokemon files otherwise. My Ds is pretty much broken now since the screen won't calibrate, one of my brothers bought a ds lite because of faulty hardware.

Silver3604803d ago

They need to release a new console because they found out to their chagrin that hardcore gamers by games for the lifetime of a console. Those casuals they sold all those consoles to only buy one or two games then they are done. They don't make any money from third party games, that severely limits the life span of the system. What good is a console if you can't sell new games that aren't first party on it?

frostypants4803d ago

The Wii 2 won't sell nearly as well. Those impulse-purchasing grandmas and other hyper-casuals won't see the point. They have their Wii Sports and that's all they want.

jacksonmichael4803d ago

If they thought Wii Fit was worth the money, they definitely will.

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Primetimebt4803d ago

It was only bound to happen.. I honestly don't see a Wii 2, or 3DS been much of a success see most causals will not fork over money to buy an upgrade.

EYEamNUMBER14803d ago

what does the 3DS have anything to do with the so called casuals?

the nintendo handheld market has been the same since gameboy

Ju4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Its about price. Nintendo traditionally sold at a low price range. 3DS is an expensive handheld (for its market). And it shows in sales (after the initial rush). Wii2 will be the same. Unless Nintendo can sell a Wii2 below PS3/360 prices with better features it will be a tough sell to its traditional customers - unless it is a high price range console which directly targets PS3/360 customers with "hardcore" titles. But then, this at the cost of the traditional Wii/Nintendo audience. Big risk for Nintendo.

schlanz4803d ago

ever heard of a thing called a price drop

Trunkz4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

If I remember correctly the DS didn't sky rocket even tho it was $149.99 at it's original launch. For being $100 more and having much more hardware in it (and an even worse launch lineup) it's doing pretty good so far considering it wasn't even a Christmas launch, which by then many great games will be out for players to choose from.

If Nintendo plays its cards right for this Christmas when the NGP comes, they can sell it for $229.99 and really sell them like hot cakes.

Ju4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

I doubt it. NGP can cost more a) it is a different perception (say what you will, but everybody "expects" a Sony product to be expensive) and b) it has just so much more under the hood - which will become very apparent when it actually hits the market. Dropping $249 to $229 will not be enough for the 3DS. Also, it is still more of the same content - where traditional DS players have to shell out $100 bucks more to play. 3DS is lacking after the initial rush. It dropped of very fast - within a week of launch. I am sure this is not the success Ninti had envisioned.

Same with Wii2. I would think Sony/MS will work towards a massive price drop as soon as the Wii2 hits. Nintendo never sold with a loss. But if they want to push the new console, I could imagine they will do just that to be competitive.

In regards to the Wii. It still sells pretty good, surprisingly. I am curious if Nintendo pulls a "PS2" with the Wii - but that would be a bit counterproductive to sell a HD console. $100 Wii and it will be around for a while.

Trunkz4803d ago

You would be surprised at how good 229 can look good to a parent compared to 249 (especially when compared to an NGP @ 299 or 349)

Ju4803d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

$79 looks good to a parent, $129 looks good, too, $149 looks acceptable...$229 doesn't matter any more. I'd rather make my kids save up. $149 I might consider sponsoring...especially if you have more than one. Above that, I'd expect something really breathtaking to justify the price (makes me wonder why people shell out $500 for a phone). But a 3DS ain't it.

N4g_null4802d ago

Ju it's more about the games than the price. You have many people out there with two dsi that can change the price of a 3ds if that truely is a problem. I mean even the nes and snes sold with games. Even the wii sold with a game every one wanted to try.

People just want to be able to do more with the thing than just say ooooohhhhhh 3d. I'm betting once every thing is out they will be fine. I mean no pokemon on the thing yet sort of defeats the purpose of getting it. I believe they did sell more dsi because of just that game.

Lol the NGP is going to cost as much if not more than the wii2 lol. Then they are going to try and cram ps3 games on it you have already beat.

Also expecting something to be higher in cost is not a good thing. Just look at Sony laptops every one expects to pay more for the same hardware but we all say why? Then you won't be buying that.

Nintendo just forgot we want more games and if 3rd parties are slow then they better step in. 2d Mario would be great in maybe the Mario 2 style? 3D metroid? Well at least pokemon.

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ArchangelMike4803d ago

Can you say 'market saturation?'

slavish34803d ago

i can't believe it. wii is dead thats why nintendo is moving on. ps360 still sells and will out sell wii before there successors are released

matey4803d ago

they would have to sell 30 million this year and next

slavish34803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

you can't read i said ps360 will out sell wii before there successors are released which is in 2014! they can sell just over 10 million a year plus they will have full support from m$ and sony plus third parties. wii is done. ps360 will continue and if they do drop the price 199 or lower. ps360 sell will continue too and past 2014 while they wii will be forgotten.

TacoTaru4803d ago

I don't think it's so much "you can't read" as it is - you can't write.
I can't really argue with you though since you don't convey ideas clearly enough to be disputed.

Theyellowflash304803d ago

Yeah they were right 87 million units and 6 years later....... Michael Pachter was also right about the Wii HD...... eventually its bound to happen.