Sony Did An Amazing Job

There are too many hate articles flooding the internet regarding recent events. Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank Moricz gives credit to Sony as a company that did well in a time of crisis.

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iamnsuperman2754d ago

I agree they did very well especially to the ones who go onto the PS3 website/blog but for the people who do not they might of felt left in the dark. The email could of come sooner but I would rather have an email with as much detail as possible then several emails that have contradictions because the full extent wasn't realised.

flankhim2754d ago

They did not do an amazing job. Our shit got stolen.

Zancruz2754d ago

Then you and anyone else like you needs to get offline period. Any online device is prone to cyber attack....

Lamarthedancer2754d ago

What "shit"

You mean phone numbers and email adresses which you can get from sites like or anywhere else if you look in the right places

aceitman2754d ago

your shit could get stolen from anywhere it just happen to happen with sony . and thats if it got stolen .not everones info got stolen and they stated that the credit card numbers where not stolen yesterday. so that is it . bestbuy and hsn had there systems hacked last month and got email info on a lot of people . there was not a big deal made out of that . but since its sony , oooohhhhh its the worst thing since the movie battlefield earth .

Wenis2754d ago

Sony didn't do a bad job, but they sure as hell didn't do an amazing job either.

Menech2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

This entire article makes as much sense as this.

Kran2754d ago

Id like to see you create a database to secure millions of credit cards, and then get it hacked into.

Oh wait.

You cant.

Menech2754d ago


Give me a few billion and a massive corporation infrastructure with 1000s of employees and specialists.

And not only will I make you a secure network for millions of users, I will also give you a magical flying carpet that you can show off to your friends at your next pot session.

Dee_912754d ago

That picture is now tiled on my background

Eyeco2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

amazing job?? at what ?? the way they've handled this issue has been unprofessional, unorganized, and straight up uninformative to its very own consumer/ fanbase. If anything they've done a Horrible Job ,

the only people that can disagree with that are the small minority cult of Die Hard PS3 fanboys on the internet, otherwise there should be ZERO tolerance for this.

B1663r2754d ago


Hey but they are giving you a 30 day demo of PS+.

gamingdroid2754d ago

Sony screwed up, but they fessed up and offering peace with some free stuff. Doesn't mean you should forget the bad things, but they are definitely trying to appease you.

I think that is good enough if Sony would in the future encrypt the password and leave out the date of birth. They have no business storing that.

Dagobert2753d ago

Oh so your money was taken from the bank? No? Ok then move on.

radphil2753d ago


How many times does it have to be explained to you that info is never safe?

Already explained it to you in another article.

radphil2753d ago


Actually date of birth is required. There's a reason why we have the ESRB rating, and them asking what your age is.

The password part I agree with though.

newhumanbreed2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The funny thing that if this had happened to Microsoft, all these fanboys would be attacking it, but since it's Sony, they are praising them for letting their information get stolen. lol fanboys are idiots, and good job for letting Sony bribe you with free stuff to forget this even happened.

superduper2753d ago

I beleive Sony did an amazing inside job.

TKCMuzzer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Get with the times. Post your name on the web and see how long it takes someone to come up with an address and phone number. All the information is out there and easily accessible, most people just don't realise this.

Are your for real? How many 360 owners went out and bought a new 360 when they new it would brake down, some bought two or three. Then when MS brought out a slim version they all ran out and bought one because it was more reliable. Fanboys are fanboys and they will defend their console no matter what, 360 owners would defend MS to the hilt if this had happened to them, except it.

jke822753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

besides the fact that the type of info that got stolen can be found in several easy to access places already i will list a few


and boom i now have equal info to what was taken if i visit any of these places

ignore the facts flankhim its better you dont get into any trouble out here in the real world where you should watch all your info you give to anyone, mommy and daddy arent gonna keep you safe forever

vickers5002753d ago

"How many times does it have to be explained to you that info is never safe?"

And how many times must it be explained to you that that little fact doesn't make it right? Sony didn't do a very good job at handling the situation. They kept us in the dark for like a week, with little to extremely vague information, then come out just a few days ago and tell us, hey, all your personal information may have been stolen, sorry, here's a 30 day trial of playstation plus and some unannounced download that either sucks, or you probably are already going to own.

They did an okay job at handling the situation (I only say okay and not terrible because they claim they are going to help people on a case-by-case basis), they did NOT do an "amazing" job.

Reno2753d ago


Yes Raptors are amazing just like sony

Dno2753d ago

nuthin of yours got stolen.. you have all your money in your account so shhhh

catguykyou2753d ago

Ignoring the fact that they did a horrible job of encrypting our information (which was just stored as plain text), I would say the people who were hurt the most were the developers/ other companies who have titles that rely on PSN and or sell software through Sony's store on PSN. They have been making 0 money this entire time. This is seriously going to hurt Sony's reputation with these developers. I know everyone here thinks the only games that matters are the ones Sony makes themselves, but this isn't the case. This was not done professionally or handled well at all. I'm not talking from a customer stand point. I'm talking about from a company to company standpoint.

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BubbleSniper2754d ago

in light of all this...

i like to see how many people complaining who actually own a PS3.

Legion2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

"Please share this with the world!"... that little blurb at the end of the article speaks it all. Damage control article #1?.

SO they did such a great job that Sony rep had to beg for forgiveness with a 7 second bow? YOu can't have it both ways... they either did a good job and thus no deep apology was needed... or they did a poor job and knew it thus had to loose face?

As for fanboys or not... this situation crosses fanboy hate or support. It is a good lesson to ALL companies that they need to ensure consumer security is primary concern prior to protection of visual image or company assets and material. If your consumer looses faith in you then you no longer have a need for anything else.

Falaut2753d ago

"damage control article #1"

Even if it blatantly is, its alright seeing we have a article ratio of about 50/1 (fear mongering/damage control).


I don't like either, really I don't, but with the amount of shiz the intrawebz has spawned due to this topic, its more than founded.

krauley2753d ago

I got an email from Disney...yeah Disney that my information was stolen from there servers and all i got was that one email saying that I will probably be getting a lot of spam, no apoligy, only a regret that this happened. It may not be as big as sony but is the exactly the same situation. But at least Sony has tried to fix the situation, apoligized and offered the gaming community gifts. Disney did nothing!

catguykyou2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

That happens more often than not because a company leases storage from other companies. Those other companies handle data storage for many other companies (in this case Disney being one of them). That storage company gets hacked (completely out of it's customer's control) and has normally detected the breach, determined the damage, fixed any security holes, and gotten everything back up and running with the first few hours of the initial breach. This all normally happens without any customer ever even realizing the service was down (if it was ever brought down).

I'm not knocking on Sony for having security holes. I'm knocking on them cause they didn't have set procedure for handling a situation like this in a way that is better for the PSN users and the other companies that rely on PSN to conduct business.

jke822753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

leigon you can get the type info that got stolen from anywere *look at above post* if anyones doing a shit job its ourselves with our own info. no database is 100% hack proof PERIOD.. EVER.......mastercard, visa, now sony, apple, disney, everyone and their mother has gotten hit why worry about this one sure you have a cell phone.

did you now that att,tmobile,sprint,and verizon can all share your personal ino except your cell number with outside sales??? yeah its in those contracts you sign..

AlienLion2753d ago

You've got to be kidding me. Since when is not keeping your consumers informed on whats happening an amazing job? This article also mentions how fantastic it was that users had no idea something was happening for awhil until the network "just went down". Dont know about you but if there is a possibility that my credit card info may be compromised, Id like to know WAY in advance. Who wrote this article? Sony?

stryx2752d ago

Just as a thought...

The gaming community here wanted to let you in on a secret. 2 weeks from today Menech is going to be stealing your credit card information from you.

Oh wait...that's right. I can't predict the future, but I can tell you what has happened when I find out what has happened. It may have taken Sony a few days to determine what happened, but at least they let everyone know.

You don't just tell someone what you think happened because that destroys credibility. Sony informed people when they had the facts, not based on speculation.

tyrex2752d ago

@ Stryx I dont know why that is such a hard concept for everyone to understand. When Sony had exact information they let us know (on their blog not n4g/rinky dink websites) and even held a press conference with valid information not speculation.

thegood332753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Could you imagine if this happened on Xbox Live? N4G would have 3 trillion anti Microsoft articles circulating this site for the next decade. Sony drops the ball and all I see on N4G is "Thank you Sony" and "Sony did an Amazing Job"...You people need to stop being fanboys and just admit what massive problem this is.

AlienLion2752d ago

@stryx well I have no idea if Sony in fact could predict the future. What I do know, as you could see from my post if you read it, is that the article states how great it is that Sony was mum about the trouble it was having (implying that they knew but chose not to alert everyone) and I highly disagree. I dont fancy findings things to simply stop working for no reasons given.

And you imply that Sony didnt say anything because they didnt know what was happening for sure yet... Thats not much better that it took them days to figure out what was happening to their network. How is that handling it "amazingly well"? I had to search the web for explanations on why psn is down every day for several days, only to find countless "sony is still mum about psn outage" articles.

What's the next excuse? They held a conference at the end? They said sorry? You get free psn plus? Uncharted? Bluray? Free wallpaper of giant enemy crab? Stop this nonsense. They handled it piss poorly and its a fact of life your a$$ is goin to have to get realistic about, Butch.

dbbd13882753d ago

I don't usually get on and actually write argumentative comments, but I just had to say something about everyone who says Sony should have never been hacked they did a horrible job.
It sucks that PSN was hacked, it sucks that your phone numbers, names, addresses and etc. was "stolen". Did not know you could technically steal public info. Maybe not public on Sony's servers but its pretty easy to get all of that. Go to google and it wont take long for you to find someone's info. But the internet is never 100% full proof. In 2009 the PENTAGON was hacked into. Over a period of time, and terabytes of info, TERABYTES (thats a lot of info), was taken.

This happened while the Pentagon had spent over $100 million in the six months prior to this discovery trying to prevent these types of intrusions.

My point, the Pentagon spent $100 million trying to prevent these crimes, do you really think that Sony was infallible. No don't kid yourself. It sucks that Sony was hacked, and to say Sony could have avoided this is both true and false. There is always more that can be done, but nothing is perfect. I would put my bet on the Pentagon being safer than Sony's servers but looks like they were hacked too.

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Joni-Ice2754d ago

Thanks so much for writing some positive and different news. All day Ive been sadden by reading all the ungrateful people opinions towards Sony when they did nothing but try to make every PSN member happy in a time like this.

Muerte24942754d ago

Should take long for this to get approved. It's nice to finally have someone avoid conforming just to get hits on his/her website. Just wish more gaming journalist took a stance against pumping out misinformation and fear mongering.

Legion2753d ago

Avoid conforming...? This is the epitamy of conforming. And he is not a game journalist... just another of thousands of people spouting their opinion. (note: I am not a journalist either)

And you are correct... when it comes to damage control articles it takes less time to get approval. The needy flock to these poor opinion posts.

It's like watching FOX News... claiming fair and balanced as they lean over backwards to opinionate the news to death.

blitz0x2754d ago

Thanks for the kind words. I think my last article may have been misunderstood in its intentions, so I wanted to make sure I cleared the air with giving my opinion of the ordeal as a whole. Gaming Irresponsibly isn't just trolling for hits - it's one of the few websites that really struggle only to bring out "good news" type pieces. There are a few bad reviews for bad games, and a few complaint pieces where and author gives their opinion, but if you search the site, you'll see they don't have a cubic crapload of PSN articles for the sake of traffic. We were very much against the fear-factor that media sites typically use to drive traffic, and we hope that readers can appreciate that.

blitz0x2754d ago

From the disagreements on my comment, I can only assume that either some users prefer to be lead by fear/hate-mongering, or (more likely) media publishers would prefer I didn't bring attention to their generally unethical practices.

Dee_912754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

let me tell you something about the agree disagree system on here
its shat
dont pay attention to it
until they make it so that you will have to justify every disagree with a response its a pointless feature

radphil2753d ago


They're just doing it to be punks. Rather than actually stating why they disagree, they just press the button and go to the next article.

Marquis_de_Sade2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Allow me to explain why I disagreed, this article is no more than a pathetic attempt to pander to the hardcore PS3 fanbase prevalent on this site.

Anyone with half a brain can see that Sony handled this poorly, a week after PSN went down they finally announced details had been stolen, even then that announcement was incredibly vague, what details? Credit card details? Personal details? This then allowed the media to create a further shit storm causing larger PR issues. Besides, if Sony did such an amazing job, why did Kazuo Hirai, the deputy president of Sony feel the need to offer a grovelling apology in the form of a prolonged apology bow?

Perhaps I'm in the minority on this site as someone with no loyalty to any particular company, as a consumer I go wherever I feel service on offer is best at the current time. I won't lie to myself and defend companies that have done wrong, I will vote with my wallet, as that's all that Sony, or any other corporation for that matter, see you as.

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Philaroni2754d ago

It is about damn time. Finally a game new site with some common sense... I'd give the site all my bubbles if I could but I can't :(

blitz0x2754d ago

We'll settle for just bookmarking us :) That's all the support we can ask. (Also, as a fellow linux user, nice profile pic :P )

Philaroni2754d ago

What you think of the new release of Ubuntu?

outwar60102754d ago

how does linux work can anyone link any helpful vids for someone who hasnt heard about it at all thx

morganfell2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

My thanks as well blitz0x. You were just bookmarked.

And the new release of Ubuntu has some rough edges (can't move that bar yet) but it is still head and shoulders above any other OS.

nikola9872753d ago

Don't worry, we will take all your bubbles for you :D
/just kidding :)

agentxk2754d ago

Good call, this was a blunder but I can't understand why anyone would avoid a Sony product. Things like this will happen, it's like saying your computer got hacked so now you are mad at Windows for... oh wait, that does happen!

Good job Frank!

agentxk2754d ago

What disgusted me the most was that one major site was reporting that hackers had the 3 or 4 digit security codes. If you ever put a credit card number on your account, you know they NEVER asked for it. People just heard the story and ran with it though. Glad this is about to be over!