PopCap Announces Studio Purchase

Everyone's favorite casual game company is on a buying binge and it has decided to let gamers in on who they’ve picked up. The new talent might make for some interesting projects to come out of the download giant.

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JoeIsMad2731d ago

I've always loved Popcap and the games they make. Peggle FTW!

thekidq2731d ago

I agree, though some of their games are cool, Peggle is their best so far!

ntrailz2731d ago

hehe, we got a guy in our office who got into trouble for playing too much Peggle. Problem was, his boss played more :)

thekidq2731d ago

This announcement just has so much potential and thats only good news for gamers.

kyl2772731d ago

like their games, dont like the company

kyl2772731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

hmm just the way they charge around £15 for bejeweled

actually ill tell you the main reason, aparantly PvZ on PC has steam cloud issues where it erases your saves. I dont believe they have fixed it and they have no forum or anything to report it. seems lazy and rude to customers

that being said i have read some people have had 0 issues whatsoever

EDIT yeah, i see a lot of people have 0 issues but this thread (sorta) agrees with me as well


I guess it's hit and miss but the game seems to have some MAJOR issues for some people judging from the forum

Klaykid1232731d ago

I've had 0 issues with PvZ. Great game :) and free upgrade to GOTY edition.

thekidq2730d ago

The company seems to be legit, but every business has a darkside. Sadly it's how some get money.