Did The Playstation Network Leave You Stranded?

DP:"Yeah, we've all been scrambling around trying to find things to do while PSN is down, but it may not be our fault when you think of how the industry has evolved. In the midst of this whole PSN fiasco though, I was thinking, maybe I wouldn’t miss PSN for the one day it was off, but then I realized the PSN kill switch was enabled for much longer than we expected."

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Alexmaru2726d ago

"We've all been scrambling around trying to find things to do while PSN is down"

Lol .. ! ... If that's right, you need to find a girlfriend or something... -.-' I love to play games to, but I have alot of other things to do..?

xTruthx2726d ago

I don't know y you got a disagree lol

iamnsuperman2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I know right. I have Uni work to do, friends and a GF. I game like Alexmaru said and the PSN being down was annoying but I just did other things. In way the PSN being down for me was a good thing because I have so much work to do for uni and the pull to play online was squashed

Army_of_Darkness2726d ago

I watched netflix(and plenty of other stuff) with my GF, went to parties, hangout with my boys and played the Mortal kombat story mode which is freakin' awesome!

LOGICWINS2726d ago

I never understood why people correlate having a GF with having a life. lol, you don't need a GF to get laid..or have a life.

Elimin82726d ago

@LOGICWINS... Here here bother/sister....

Army_of_Darkness2726d ago

Booty calls are good to relieve ur sexual tension... But having a gf is much more fulfilling to be honest with you. I've had them a few times... Meaningless sex becomes as fun as playing a game u really dont want to play...

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Istanbull2726d ago

Lol no, Playsation gamers have been playing singleplayer games since PS1, we grow up with great singleplayer games that set industry standards.

Right now, Ive been playing Yakuza all week.

Infernostew2726d ago

Me too. I burned through Yakuza 1 & 2 when I heard 3 was being released in the US. I played 3 chapters of Yakuza 3 and stopped playing for other games and now I'm playing through the game a year later. Such an awesome series, I really don't know why I put off continuing the game for this long.

Inception2726d ago

Well said. Bubles + mate.

Yeah, we PS gamers have been playing single player game since PS1. MGS, Crash Bandicoot, Symphony of the Night, FF, Alundra, etc etc. Well there's some game with multiplayer (offline) feature such as Winning Eleven or Twisted Metal, but our mayority games are single player. So if PSN down we're still can play any single player game to satisfied us :D

btw, Yakuza 4 is a beast!
i hope SEGA announced localization of Yakuza Kenzan, Yakuza of The End, and Black Panther (PSP) on this E3

movements2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I'm married, I'm also a gospel recording artist with two Albums out, and have had concerts all over the Caribbean. I'm also very active in my local Church and community. Yet....honestly, I missed PSN.

WildArmed2726d ago

Honestly is appreciated.

I'm up to my eyeballs in work, but hey, I still miss PSN. When I get home around 1am, I always used to hop on to chat / play a match or two w/ a few buddies.
But that hasn't happened in awhile lol
I got my finals this week, then I have a 3-week break.. (thou still have work).
Looking forward to spending some more time on PSN than usual.

MGRogue20172726d ago

"I love to play games to, but I have alot of other things to do..?"

Wait.. was that a question? =/

FlameBaitGod2726d ago

Yeah, cus there's nothing to do outside my house... like SOCIALIZE with real people. I mean lol ? is this a joke article or what ?

EliteDave932726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

You can still have a life and play alot of games. So everyone who says get a life and get a GF just becuse you miss PSN needs to shut the hell up.

JsonHenry2726d ago

I would have never known it was down if someone didn't post it on here.. :/

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mindedone2726d ago

This wouldn't have bothered me as much if it wasn't for SOCOM coming out that week. I didn't get a chance to play that tuesday, so I'm still waiting. Haven't played since the beta.

Rybakov2726d ago

no ive enjoyed playing uncharted, demon souls, yakuza, dot game heroes and everything else

MGRogue20172726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

No, 'cause I have the best of both worlds. (X360 & PS3) :)

WildArmed2726d ago

Good call. (was playing Halo reach campaign on Heroic yesterday, I lol'd when my buddy kept QQ-ing about not being able to use the iron sights)
But I gotta say, I've been missing my PSN activity.
Esp. since most of my idiotic friends (<3) are on PSN

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

You missed a world there.

Where is the PC.

slaton242725d ago

pc may be fun but i have noticed a drop in gamers....i think it may b the fact that havin a system just seems better....cause when changes happen to software and u dont no it u o buy a pc game and find out shit my computer wont let me play it....ex- i bought assassins creed 1 on pc when it 1st came ut b4 i had ps3 and guess what i couldnt freakin play it wouldnt install completely

DarkSpawnClone2726d ago

you are so lucky to have both 360 and ps3 i wish i got a 360 instead of my Wii but my mother and brother play the Wii like crazy so i guess it wasn't good for nothing least some one is enjoying it lol but i could go for some MP goodness right about now even on the 360.

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