Formula of a Rockstar

Jon Heier of writes, "This month comes the next release from one of the industry’s leading developers, Rockstar games, but I have a concern on the formula that they are using when it comes to gameplay in their titles. Like most of the gamers my age, they grew up on pc games and when Grand Theft Auto came out it was one of the titles that made an impact on games and the future."

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vortis2780d ago

is one of the few companies actually doing something different.

Most of their games may be the same according to the standard of games they make, but they all offer something slightly different.

It's definitely more than what I can say about half the titles EA and Activision churn out, which are all rip-offs and clones of each other (with the exception of maybe Mirror's Edge, The Sims and Dead Space).

Prcko2779d ago

Rockstar always delivers something very good and unique!
I love their games so much,and that's why i buying all of them day 1

EliteDave932779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

R* Announce GTA V already!

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Mikey Mike2779d ago

The whole article sucked. Rockstar is the best video game company in the world. They need to develop an open world zombie game......

VampiricDragon_2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

hardly.........nintendo is the best developer and publisher in the world and has been for 25 years. .

The best sales, the best reviews, the most critical acclaim for there games. Every gen who has the highest rated games of that gen? The answer is always nintendo

BlmThug2779d ago

Your Going By Sales & Meta Score, Then Gta IV Certainly Ticks Those 98 Meta Score & Over 20 Million Sold For Gta IV Alone & R* Do New Things Unlike NintRehash Who Are Milking A Cow Thats Been Beaten To Death, Raped By Its Owners, Had A Gangbang With 72 Dogs & Is Now Dead & Body Is Rotten. R* Has The Greatest IP's Ever. R* Owns Nintendo In Game Making. Good Luck With Your Rehashes While We Play Lots Of Unique Games

VampiricDragon_2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

dead wrong

the 2 highest rated games of the gen are mario galaxy 1 and 2

In the top 5 twilight princess is up there

Nintendo sells 20 million in there sleep

Thanks to nintendo rockstar even exists

M4I0N32779d ago

totally agree with you, GTA-styled zombies would be awesome and be a good step in the right direction to bring variety to the games.

Sevir042779d ago

"... Rockstar is the best video game company in the world, (in my humble opinion)..." Fixed!

Nickster8002773d ago

The undead nightmare add on for RDR was open world, and it had zombies.

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