Bonus Round: Episode 504: E3 2011 Preview - Part 1

This is the E3 2011 Preview, Now that Nintendo's next gen console is slated to be announced – what exactly will it be and is it the leap Nintendo needs to stay in the console war? What about Sony's NGP? Will their handheld be the focus of their E3 press conference? Also, what does Microsoft have behind closed doors for this year's show – will it be enough to steal the headlines? Plus – we discuss the biggest third party games and beyond, as this episode of the Bonus Round kicks off the countdown to E3 – and it starts right now.

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m232730d ago

Nintendo's console being more powerful than the ps3 or 360 doesn't really mean anything. I can see Sony and Microsoft releasing their respective consoles maybe a year later than Nintendo, and I doubt those consoles will be weaker than Nintendo's. Coming out early may help them capture some of the market first, but I think Sony and Microsoft will have something in store the following year.

silkrevolver2730d ago

Personally, I doubt SONY or MS will announce anything about new consoles for 2 years, meaning they’ll be released in 3 years at the soonest. At any rate, Nintendo proved that horsepower =/= sales, even if that annoys the hardcore market a smidge.

jadnice2730d ago

Microsoft and Sony new consoles are at the minimum 3yrs out. Stop being silly with this year later release date. Not going to happen.

m232730d ago

I'm all for another 3 years, but I think 2013 will be the year they at least announce their respective consoles. I'm in no hurry to spend another $500.

fossilfern2730d ago

When Jeff said that Project Café was a half step and compared it to the Dreamcast I see his point. But I dont think the same will happen to Nintendo