Sony Considers Reimbursing Credit Card Replacement Costs in Light of Data Breach

In this morning's news conference, Sony Computer Entertainment head Kazuo Hirai said the company would consider covering costs associated with reissuing credit cards to PlayStation Network....

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Joni-Ice2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The Sad thing is to some people its not enough. After everything Sony is doing giving away the free month for a PLUS and Qriocity and now this...Its not enough. They want BLOOD.

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socomnick2752d ago

How the hell is that enough, the privacy of the consumers was taken away, personal info that will probably lead to financial and credit hardship.

There are already thousands of dollars being stolen from consumers and what do they give in return a lousy month of psn+ a service that does nothing.

Stop kissing up to Sony and be a consumer first. These are companies not your father.

Joni-Ice2752d ago

@ SocomNick.....Shhhhhhhhh, go comment somewhere else. No more bubbles.

flankhim2753d ago

Ps+ sux ass. The free games are are free for a reason, they stink. Plus you wont be able to play them after the 30 days are up. A $15 in your wallet would be better so everyone wins.

metsgaming2752d ago

i just heard we will be getting Streets of rage 2 soon. That game is a classic ! To bad i already have it in Segas ultimate edition.

Lirky2752d ago

Should be grateful sony allowing 30days, think about wallet funds u have use them to buy whatever discounted games u want for cheap. If most ps1 classics were 0.99 discount for ps+ users then Ps+ in away would be crazy in deals.

Lamarthedancer2752d ago

For the amount of trolling you've done in each PSN related article how the hell do you still have bubbles left

N4G keeps on surprizing me

KwietStorm2752d ago

I've been subscribed since the service launched. Paid $50 for a year (plus 3 bonus months and now another 30 days free). Got a $5 discount for Dead Nation, $5 discount for Alien Breed, and got the otherwise $15 Stacking for free. That's just 3 games since last July that have paid for HALF of my subscription price. I'm not going to sit here and list the betas, system features, and themes, but let's be real, there is a shitload of content given away. I see people all the time saying ____ isn't going to make me pay or ____ isn't enough for a subscription.'s a subscription. That means you are given content over a period of time. People keep waiting for that one home run while they continuously miss out on everything else, but then complain that the service sucks.

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Flashwave_UK2752d ago

wow lol i didnt even get angry at them in the first place sony delt with this well

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Sparticus_12752d ago

Yeah I could care less about psplus. All those free games are crap games anyway. It snot about wanting blood...its about losing faith and respect. Maybe youre a kid and dont have a credit card attached to the psn, but the people that have to have to go to your bank and cancel your card and get a new one ordered and keep checking your bank statement. Its just really aggravating...especially when you work 6 and 7 days a week 12 hours a day and dont have time to do that. Yet..they only "consider" to pay card replacement fees. how about I will consider trusting sony again when they have the balls to earn it back. This is why America is fail...people complain and cry..give them a lil something for free and they shut up. Never do they try and fix a problem just cover it up. Im proud to be american....and Sony..well..aint american lol.

dabeast272752d ago

Please don't giving me that bull. I have two jobs and I go to school and I still have time to check my bank statement. Its called an "app". And no lie it took less than a 5 minutes to call and cancel. Americans never have time./s

Sparticus_12752d ago

LOL at this guy from wherever hahaha...come give me a kiss kiddo!!!!!

blackburn52752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Your speech is just a bunch of hot air and big words. Your not saying anything. Your just ranting on unintelligibly. In greedy people's eyes it will never be enough. It was something that could have happened to any system in the world. Sony is not the first people in the world who thought their system was safe or who lost tons of vital data.A hacker used a complex way to break into their system but everyone acts like their data was just sitting out in the open and Sony was handing it out. It sucks that this happened but Sony is trying to make a genuine effort to help fix it unlike many companies who wouldn't even do as much.

You can't trust any system in the world. Hackers know the Wii and Xbox 360 inside and out and could probably just as easily take your info if they wanted. Someone already broke in and took Xbox live cash.Also everyone keeps acting as if PSN Plus is nothing. PSN plus is a service that I paid for that you are getting for free.You don't have to pay a dime and you get all the features that I am paying for. If you want to talk unfair I find that is very unfair that you should get something I paid good money for.You are the one that sounds like a child.

majiebeast2752d ago

Calling people kid just because they aint reacting like its the end of the world like you are doing is pretty immature.

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