Hirai Bows in Apology for Seven Seconds at Press Conference

Vgchartz writes: Kazuo Hirai, Sony's second in command and the chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment offered Sony's apologies today, giving consumers some much needed official word from the company regarding the security breach. Much of the information from the press conference was sent out in a press release after the conference.

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Warprincess1162725d ago

Ya i saw this. This shows that Sony is really sorry about this. So if you still continue to talk down on sony. Then you are either a fanboy or you just one of those people who want to hack and pirate games.

Joni-Ice2725d ago

Us americans can learn from them.

madpuppy2725d ago

no one had a monopoly on clay feet, man.

We need to learn from each other, rather than demonizing ourselves while looking for saints and perfection in others (people, cultures and countries).

HolyOrangeCows2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

*Bows for 7 seconds*

Huh.....America really does have a lot to learn.

"We need to learn from each other, rather than demonizing ourselves while looking for saints and perfection in others (people, cultures and countries)"
Well said. It's hard to find anyone that level-headed these days.

No, I did NOT miss the point; a bow is a pointless gesture in any culture. Bending forward does not truly reflect feelings, only that doing so will gain trust in the company.

Joni-Ice2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@ HolyOrangeCows....Dude you missed my point.

KeiserSosay47882725d ago we shouldn't. Just like "Us Americans", Japanese corporations lie and cheat and will try anything to get profits up next quarter. Don't get me wrong, it was def a noble gesture on his part. However, your comment just reeks of retardation and ignorance.

-Gespenst-2725d ago

Madpuppy is the only one talking sense here.

Elimin82725d ago

@Joni-Ice. Hope you're serious because it is true!

Eamon2725d ago

I think you've all missed the fact that bowing is a huge part of Japanese culture lol.

Their prime minister and other important figures bows all the time on TV.

It's quite normal for them. Modesty is quite dormant there.

evrfighter2725d ago Show
drosera12725d ago

As someone who has lived and worked in Japan as a westerner, we can all learn from them. They are such a humble and kind people, compared to westerners. I wanted to improve myself in terms of how i treated other people each day i was there, due to their example.

socomnick2725d ago

Yea we can learn how to leak customer data, credit card info and leave the consumers in the dark for 7 days before confirming anything. Yea we can learn....

dead_eye2725d ago

It's not even a little bow. Means a lot.

XeroTrinity2725d ago

The data wasnt leaked, it was straight up stolen.
If credit card data was released WE'D KNOW IT BY NOW.
And, they needed time to find out what exactly even happened, and to what extent. This was a HUGE deal, you cant just jump out and start spewing out shit to try and make us feel better and look like fools afterwards.
Or do you really think you could have used the knowledge that someone else in this world now knows your birthdate just a few days earlier? Would that have helped you?

KageMonkey2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )


No. Japanese companies take responsibility for any inconvenience caused by their products and services. Take Toyota, for example, even though the unintended acceleration problem was not fully their fault, they paid billions and accepted responsibility for it.

Now take Microsoft. RROD. There was obviously a big problem, but they have denied and lied about it.

Take BP Oil Spill. There were blame and finger pointing. And now, BP is suing other companies involved to save face and reduce the costs they have to pay.

Microsoft lie and cheat to get ahead. They use their OS monopoly to buy their way into the market (GTA exclusive content, Final Fantasy, etc) and hope to stomp out competitors. They rather spend money on marketing instead of R&D to trick people into buying their products (Kinect).

Microsoft is built on arrogance and think they are the best, they rather trick consumers into buying their products than to actually provide innovation.

Microsoft's monopolistic practice is based on reducing costs on R&D once they obtained a monooly. Just look at IE and how it is absolutely inferior compared to other browser for years once Microsoft bundled it with the OS. If it happens in the console market, expect no innovations.

That is why consumers should not be supporting companies like Microsoft, and support companies that is built on integrity and accept responsibility of their actions.

shoddy2725d ago

American individual modesty have no meaning.
you demand repect without giving repect. Wonder why USA get hated.

even a brokeass americans claim they are number one in the world.
If you listen to rap music(50 cent, young jeezy....) you know what I mean.
it's american culture.

IcarusOne2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Oh KageMonkey, wake up you poor fool.

You think just because they're Japanese they lack the same capacity to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive that their western counterparts possess? Corporations are the same around the globe, no matter what their nationality: maximize profits, minimize costs. Ask the Japanese how they feel about TEPCO and see if honor, respect or responsibility factor into it in a positive way.

The most entertaining thing about this entire debacle has been watching you Sony fanboys put on your jump suits and white Nikes and surround your corporate diety, pretending with all your might that they're the exception to the rule of the profit-driven society.

shoddy2725d ago

everyone is human, same insticnt.
they just roll differently.

one side will be call cocky, one side will be call coward. In the end why start judging others differnce. You think you god.

then fight broke out.

Bordel_19002724d ago

Not only americans can learn from hubleness and humility, all of Europe also.

TVippy2724d ago

LOL, they bowed before the Japanese, they aren't gonna bow before the Americans.

sikbeta2724d ago


all people can learn from each other, like your beloved console manufacturer company can learn how to make RELIABLE hardware from others companies...

ChrisW2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


Nah... the most Americans would give would be a firm handshake and a timid smile.

Death2724d ago


"No. Japanese companies take responsibility for any inconvenience caused by their products and services. Take Toyota, for example, even though the unintended acceleration problem was not fully their fault, they paid billions and accepted responsibility for it."

Toyota denied all responsibility until Mr. Toyoda was summoned to appear before U.S.Congresss. Toyota refused to release data requested by NHTSA numerous times prompting a very large investigation. The U.S. also had to order an injunction forcing Toyota to stop sales of numerous models until the investigation and a resolution was completed.

I do agree many of the claims of unintended acceleration were the fault of the driver, but to claim Toyota was better than any company in the way this was handled couldn't be further from the truth. After the injunction and record fines imposed by the U.S. they are responding to potential safety concerns like should.

I'm going to ignore the entire anti-Microsoft rant. Sony never extended the 90 day warranty on any of my defective PS oe PS2's. Microsoft increased the one year warranty to three years on 360's. Absolutely sucks that any consoles fail in a relatively short time, but only one company acknowledged it publicly and actually did something besides deny all responsibility.

Reality doesn't support your incredibly biased views very much.


kerrak2724d ago

everybody here at n4g knows you enjoy bowing during long sessions every time aaron greenberg or don mattrick or anything xbox is at your back.

jeseth2724d ago

This gesture and "good will" program by Sony is a very refreshing thing to see. To have the next in line of a major corporation humbly apologize and extend cultural symbolic gestures is rare these days.

The comments in this board show how immature and ignorant a lot of people really are.

Does anyone remember any of these types of gestures and re-embursments when Xbox Live went down for 2 weeks during the holiday season? I remember a great warranty extension for Xbox consumers but can anyone recall a public apology to customers for bad design during the RROD epidemic?


Americans, myself included, can take a lot from Japanese and Asian cultures. They are much more discipling, humble, and honorable than Americans in my experience.

Shoddy said it best :
"Americans demand respect, without giving respect".

I see it all the time. A bunch of lazy people expecting everything handed to them without working hard for it. There is a sense of entitlement in the US that is sickening.

insomnium22724d ago


Holy shite your comment rocks big time!

Kleptic2724d ago


BP is british though...I see your point, but it was like you were using BP as an example of American companies screwing up...

lowcarb2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


"even a brokeass americans claim they are number one in the world.
If you listen to rap music(50 cent, young jeezy....) you know what I mean.
it's american culture."

THat sounds racist dude!

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Hudahudahuda2725d ago ShowReplies(1)
Anon19742725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

So, considering this is VGChartz and they're talking about Sony, does this mean they really bowed for 9 seconds? :)

Focker4202725d ago

I'm sure some fanboys would argue that 7 seconds wasn't long enough, and if they were truly sorry they would've bowed for at least 10 seconds.

Or that there was an alterior motive behind the bow and it was just a marketing tactic to scam people out of money.

InLaLaLand2725d ago

They probably wanted Sony down on their knees, or down for the count let alone bowing for 7 seconds (it's a joke).

Menech2725d ago

7 seconds wasn't long enough and if they where really sorry they would of bowed for 10.

Ddouble2725d ago

Yup the time for the bow was undertacked. I'll wait for adjustments.

badz1492724d ago

you mean official numbers?

humbleopinion2724d ago

How many times do I need to restate this!?
The 9 seconds figure is SHIPPED figures (including rehearsal bowing when the camera was not recording), not actual bowing to customers.

ChrisW2724d ago

How about 土下座 (dogeza) for several minutes?

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chidori6662725d ago Show
Loner2725d ago

Why are they sorry.Everybody here keeps defending them saying they done nothing wrong.
Why would you apologise if you've done nothing wrong

Max Power2725d ago

They're Japanese and have great pride in what they do, but I am sure they feel as if they let their consumers down.

Kewl_Kat2725d ago

It's called good manners. Maybe they're sorry for not beefing up their security in the first place, or sorry for not fixing the problem sooner. Nevertheless, it's still not their fault, seeing how the hackers are the ones who tried to steal sensitive info. There's no changing a "hater's" mind. If they didn't apologized, you'd call them arrogant. If they do apologize, which they just did, you insinuate that they've done something wrong. Anyway, I can't wait for the psn to be fully operational again, just wanna see what crappy articles would talk about next.

M-Easy2725d ago

"Why would you apologise if you've done nothing wrong"

You've obviously never been in a relationship.

NateCole2725d ago

You see. A mature person would take responsibility of any problems they are involved in regardless of weather its their fault or not.

Hopefully you will understand this when you finally grow up.

DigitalAnalog2725d ago

You guys should work in customer service. Apologizing for everything, including the ones where the customer is to blame is the first thing you learn.

-End statement

Dark_king2725d ago

@M-Easy,perfectly said I apologies daily for crap I have nothing to do with.

Rainstorm812725d ago

+bubs M-easy

Thats the most logic ive seen all day on n4g.....

StbI9902725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

M-easy, you just owned the WHOLE N4G´s trolls, starting with socomnick xD xD xD, the guy is a veteran, what would I do without people like him eh?...

Maybe die in a corner alone while burning my retina looking to a solar lamp xD

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chaos-lockheart2725d ago

@KeiserSosay4788 no proof of that, its like you know what they are doing, but you don't, some companies out there are not just for profits, yes they need profits, if they don't make money how they continue making new things for people, some people just wish big companies pull money out of their a$$ and give them free stuff, just like if you don't know someone don't judge them.

ShinraE52725d ago

I was one of the disagrees. I am not a fanboy. I am a person who realizes MS, Nintendo, and Sony are all companies who work for profit, not for love from internet enthusiasts.

I doubt any of the Sony personnel feel legitimate sorrow for people not being able to play online for a week or two.

This is an attempt to win PR points and get the reputation stains off. And any company in this position (MS and Nin included) would act similarly.

Either way, any gesture - such as free psn plus and a download - works for the consumer. Especially when it is a free network in the first place.

NarooN2725d ago

They're not bowing to get all these cynical douchebags off their nuts. They're bowing for the inconvenience the entire situation has caused all their consumers. It doesn't need to be said that everyone in this industry is in it for the money, because that's quite obvious. What people don't do is take the time to realize that just maybe, these guys actually love their jobs.

It's quite obvious that it wins them brownie points on the PR front, and will get some e-detective wannabe's off of their nuts, but I don't feel Sony needed to give out anything for free as compensation, since it wasn't THEIR fault they got hacked. They didn't just wake up one day and pay some guys to hack them.

iceman062725d ago

Actually, it is quite normal in Japanese business to humble oneself like with a bow. It is also customary to do so when you are presumed to be at fault for something and you are offering an apology. Sure, it might not be to the "internet enthusiasts". It was most likely to the higher ups at Sony to show that they are taking responsibility for the incident.

IcarusOne2725d ago

@ NarooN:

"It doesn't need to be said that everyone in this industry is in it for the money, because that's quite obvious."

Actually, it does, because some people on n4g seem to think that Sony was created by God and exists purely because they love gamers and want to heal the world through the PS3.

Death2724d ago

Anything they do will be to strengthen consumers confidence which took a pretty big hit these last weeks. Free PSN+ gets people that may have been skeptical about returning, back online. This is done for Sony's bottom line, not the consumers as "payment". Everything they are doing is complete marketing, not compensation. Sony's online business model revolves on people actually being online.


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haymoza2725d ago

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! You stole my avatar!

NarooN2725d ago

I dunno about the rest of these bandwagoner commoners here who think it's cool to just hate on everyone, but to me, a bow is a lot more solemn and genuine than some press release saying "We're sorry."

I agree with ya.

Dsnyder2725d ago

30 people are fanboys.

Legion2725d ago


So basically you are using the Bush principle that if we don't agree with you then we are all terrorists? ha

Having lived in Asia the majority of my life... and over 10 years of that being in Japan, I am familiar with the custom of bowing to show responsibility for failure. To think that the bow was not required and was something from the heart is another thing all together. He had the choice to bow or step down. The bow was due to the public humiliation brought to the company by the security breach. Not a sign of regret for the breach itself... but for the fact that shame has been brought upon the company in public face. Does it show care...? It shows that he wants to keep his job and that he will make sure this doesn't become a public issue the next time or he won't be given the chance to bow again.

likedamaster2725d ago

A 7-second bow won't fix what happened.

thisguywithhair2724d ago

I am only going to say one thing because no matter what anyone says it won't change your mind. A person with such a limited world view will never be swayed by words alone.

The bow wasn't meant to fix anything. That was their way of accepting responsibility, not for the fact that they were hacked, but for the inconvenience that was brought upon everyone for their decision to shut the PSN down.

thisguywithhair2724d ago

Everyone is going on about how a bow isn't enough. Let me tell you this, if this were an American company things would have happened alot different.

When the PSN first get hacked a meeting will be held with upper management first about what is going on and who is to blame. Second, they will discuss what they are goig to tell their investors and board of directors. Third, a press release will be written up and released. It will contain mostly guesses and false information hastily gathered. All this will be done in the first few hours and it all will be done to make it look like they are in control.

That is the main difference between American companies and Japanese companies. Americans literally shoot first and ask questions later. The Japanese will try and fix the problem before assigning blame. This at least give the guilty party a chance to fix their mistake.

I am not professing to be an expert on either countries business practices but I know their are differences. I also don't shoot my mouth off hating on people who are only doing their job, not only trying to fix this mess but also making sure it never happens again while at the same time trying to keep it's community informed about everything that is going on AND trying to come up with a way to make it up to them. I would like to see anyone of you do even half as well under the same circumstances.

likedamaster2723d ago

Point well taken.

No animosity here, I've already crucified them, and they've already lost lots of money in the backend I'm sure. Besides, I never entered my CC info to begin with, although that's not all that was breached.

Carry on my fellow reasonable commenters.

Bull5hifT2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Thats Sad Making Them Bow and give us free stuff, Especially After what happened in Japan... People make me sick' some A-Holes F with there System,and Sonys just trying to Bring Happiness to the World with Great Entertainment Experiences and they have to Appoligize, Wow:/ ...... Imagine if there were no games ' maby more Depressed people or Kids out there getting into trouble ,, God Damn We Released Those Nuclear Bombs on them back in WW2 and killed many' sad innocent People Evil

IcarusOne2725d ago

"Imagine if there were no games"

Microsoft wouldn't let that happen. =)

PhantomT14122725d ago

That's just Japanese protocol...

badz1492724d ago

but not 7 secs bow. that's definitely a "we are sorry" bow!

I hope non will attack me as assuming things as I was there for 4 years!

kreate2724d ago

"This shows that Sony is really sorry about this"

bowing and saying that they're sorry doesnt necessarily mean the above quote if u really understand the japanese people.

they bow and say sorry for everything. its a norm.

and while i do believe the PS3 is the better gaming console than the Xbox360, Sony shouldnt get off the hook that easily nor should people be accused of being a fanboy for talking down on Sony, unless ur ought to protect Sony no matter what they do.

Inzo2724d ago

I find it amusing that you would say Sony should not get off the hook that easily seeing that it was hackers that breached the security of our data.

kreate2724d ago

i know huh? since u know... Sony has nothing to do wtih this security breach.

humbleopinion2724d ago

For some reason, it reminds me of the awesome Black Rain scene