TheParanoidGamer: Even Gangstas Like Minecraft?

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Life is full of surprises. As my brother and I were attending the Spring Scrimmage Game for the Oregon Ducks football team we came across something so ridiculously awesome we had to share it with you guys. Hit the break to view the picture and commentary."

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Reebo2726d ago

Funny stuff. Truly shows that anyone of any background can enjoy good games like Minecraft.

clarick012726d ago

ahahah very cool. clever work.

Elwenil2726d ago

Lol. I just recently got into Minecraft after they announced that they passed 2 million preorders. I didn't know what I was missing. A prime example that it doesn't take eye peeling graphics and a 1,000 page story to make a good, interesting game. It's an acquired taste and certainly not a best selling blockbuster, but for those that can enjoy the odd 8-bit looking world and the endless building and exploring potential, it's a gem.

wallis2726d ago

Minecraft is genuinely one of the greatest games I've ever played and I just love seeing it pop up everywhere. Of course I'm a little on edge that the success might damage notch and his future releases but so long as minecraft stays true to it's current form I'm never gonna stop loving it.

Also I'm not really familiar with the area this guy talks about. Graffiti around me is always just random shit by anyone, is it meant to be that only gangs spray paint in that area orrrrr?

Either way its quite cool to find

xyxzor2725d ago

Eugene, Oregon. Underneath Ferry Street Bridge.