Madden 12 Shows Sizzle With New "True To The Game" Videos

Dropping in on August 30th, Madden 12 sets a new high standard (and the only standard) for the NFL in gaming this year. Implementing various new features including more realistic grass, deeper thematic experience, and true-to-life tackling that doesn't mean you get sucked into the nearest receiver with the football, the latest Madden experience is set to take football to new heights.

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dktxx22726d ago

Wow it already looks like recycled garbage. Usually you don't realize that until you get it.

Psychotica2726d ago

I would of rather seen a good pre-game, half-time and post game show added that made you feel like it was Sunday afternoon. All that mascot and team entering the field crap will skipped immediately by me.

original_rece2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Too me it honestly looks better atleast they are finally gettin the presentation right i was expectin that last year but whatever. Im hopin to see a WAYYYYYY better online franchise (there a High potential for that if they do it right), actually have the crowd be a factor(like NCAA), better play presentation/atmosphere, and a better job on the media part u hear al michaels and gus johnson say repetitive stuff WAYYY to fast.

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