One Reason The Old Days Were Better

Megabits of Gaming writes: Youngsters entering the wide and varied world of videogaming in the last 10 years seem to have it made: eye-poppingly gorgeous graphics, movie quality soundtracks, fantastic stories being told, minimal loading times, 1080p HD, surround sound and a whole multi-player dimension that when I was a kid seemed as likely as riding a hot air balloon to Mars.

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Blad3star2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I tried playing Medal of Honor FrontLine last night and I could not get pass the beach level - I was thinking to my self how the hell did we ever play with out regenerating health. no sprint, no cross hair, no hud.

After playing the game for 5 minutes it made me appriciate the graphics that we have now and will never complain about graphics again.

richierich2779d ago

On the beach level you are supposed to crawl under a barbed wire fence or one of the soldiers cuts it for you I think

Neckbear2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"how the hell did we ever play with out regenerating health."

Back in the day, deveopers didn't treat us like mentally challenged 12 year olds.

"no sprint, no cross hair, no hud."

Like a boss.

thugbob2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I don't understand what is wrong with old people. "Back when I was kid gaming was better"

Gaming now is just as fun and just as good as it was "back in the day." This "back in the day it was better" is starting to sound like you older guys would rather have gaming not evolve to what it is now and just have it remain the way it was "back in the day" forever. You can't compare the original Super Mario Bros. to games like GTA. Both games came out in different times and are equally good and fun for both of their generations. I'm tired of seeing "the old days are better" because if it is then just stick to playing your atari or super nintendo since it's so much better than the Xbox and Plastion 3.

soundslike2779d ago

Come back when you hit puberty.

thugbob2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


I guess no matter what the old days will always be better. 20 years into the future... the old days are still better. That's how it always was, is, and will be I guess.

Edit: Am I correct in saying that you guys would rather have gaming remain the same instead of evolving to the way it is now? If not then what's up with this "the old days were better" nonsense. Am I wrong in thinking that gaming now is just as good as it was back then?

The_KELRaTH2779d ago

Not better but there was a much wider style of programming as the dev was the boss. Now it's the publisher that dictates how a game will end up.

Creative ppl should be left to create creative things - not accountants!

Bojeeva2780d ago

There was a certain magic about games of old that isn't quite the same today. Don't get me wrong - I love gaming right now - but there was a certain something about the likes of Dizzy and Pyjamarama, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands. Anyone remember North & South or Another World. All these relentless annual updates and FPS games that keep rehashing old ground... they lack a certain something, don't they?

Reiko2779d ago

And games were soooooooo much harder back then too.

Istanbull2779d ago

I grew up in the 90's, there is something about that period wich can't be found today, those days are the best. Today we have fanboy wars, silly sales discussions, game journalists who flamebait, trash like CoD...

Prototype2779d ago

I also remember it was SNES vs Genesis in the early and mid 90's; then in the late 90's PS1 and N64.

We call the 80's-early 2000 golden age of gaming; a time that will never appear again.

And yes I gamed starting in the mid 80's when I was able to stand

Millah2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

The magic of old games will never be recaptured again because we had to use our imaginations more back then. The graphics were not as expressive and there was mostly no voice acting, so we had to develop an image and a voice for the characters in our head using our imaginations. Now today that's no longer.

But the worst thing about games today is that they've become SO expensive to create, that publishers and developers are no longer willing to take risks creating new and unique game experiences. It's much too risky, when they could instead make another COD clone and make millions off it.

JasonBloodbourne2779d ago

yes north and south was quality! do u remember Cannon Fodder? what a game!!!

Reiko2779d ago

GamesMaster was brilliant. And Bad Influence...

richierich2779d ago

I totally agree with you on how GamesMaster was brilliant it was one of the funniest games realted tv shows ever. I remember the soccer manager Kevin Keegan asking Games Master for advice on how he could get better results from his team when playing the SNES game Kevin Keegans Player Manager. And I remember Games Master aka Sir Patrick Moore saying to Kevin that this game wasnt suitable for Kevin and he should try playing Super Mario or some thing like that LOL

Reiko2779d ago

It was such as funny show - watched the clips in this article and it brought back loads of memories. Dominik Diamond was brilliant - shame about Dexter Fletcher though

Bojeeva2779d ago

Bad Influence wasn't that great... esp with lisping Violet Berlin with the spiky hair

N123452779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I wouldn't say games were any better in the old days, but gamers were better in the old days. Modern gamers complain like middle aged women on their period over the smallest things.

Inception2779d ago

Can't agree more with you buddy. Bubbles +

Focker4202779d ago


They can be given something for free and they'd still be crying that they need more.

The_KELRaTH2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

North and South - fantastic fun :)

Some of my favourites that still get me hooked today when I go on a nostalgic game run are Return of the Heracles, Cytron Masters (1st rts game), most titles from Synapse Software and Big Five, Archon, Mule and some of the text adventures that put your imagination into overdrive mode!

But the single biggest difference compared to today was everybody could also easily learn to program as the hardware architecture was open to all with tons of resources including magazine game/utility listings.

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