Could the PlayStation Network Hack Happen To Xbox Live?

PC MAG - It's the inevitable question for Xbox gamers in the aftermath of the Sony PlayStation Network hack and loss of millions of customers' credit card information: could the same security breach happen on Xbox Live?

Common sense dictates: sure, it's possible. There's no network or system that's guaranteed impenetrable. Microsoft has been mum on Sony's misfortune other than this reserved statement to online gaming news site Electronic Theatre, "Of course it's regretful that Sony is encountering issues at such a busy time, and Microsoft takes no joy in the problems gamers are having playing their favorite games online," said a representative of Microsoft's distribution network.

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FarEastOrient2780d ago

The Pentagon gets a major attack every month, sometimes very successful ones and I'm monitoring my credit history from the last time. Over a 150 million soldiers had their Social Security numbers exposed and all they did was tell us to monitor our reports.

Redrum0592780d ago

hasnt xboxlive already been hacked, my nephew had money stolen from his debit card account from xbl back in 06'

Vherostar2780d ago

It has been hacked a lot of times most small hacks and a few acounts taken at a time nothing major but sure it can be hacked on a large scale. Though to be fair lets just look at PSN for a moment there is no proof that hackers got all the info from the database just a possibility that's why PSN was shut down for damage control. They might have only got a very small part of it.

evrfighter2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

"hasnt xboxlive already been hacked, my nephew had money stolen from his debit card account from xbl back in 06' "

there's a difference between having the network hacked and having an account hacked.

there's also the possibility your nephew fell victim to a phishing scam. most people in 06 were pretty stupid regarding scams.

ASTAROTH2780d ago

WELL I think that Live could be in risk of being hacked too. Its just a missfortune that it happen. I hope it never happens and we gamers could continue to enjoy our games. What these hackers have done with the PSN is unforgievable. I know there are some xbox fanatics who are enjoying the problems in the Network but I dont wish them something like this happen to LIVE. . .

Gaming is first and to hell those hackers. . . you have pissed a communite of more than 45 million PS3 users. We are not happy with what you have done. WE WANT BLOOD!!! LOL! FINISH THEM!!!

callahan092780d ago

It's true:

People blaming Sony because some Hacker assholes decided to break the law and breach their security is just ridiculous. If the Pentagon can be breached, for shit's sake of course nothing is 100% secure!

JohnnyBadfinger2779d ago

XBlive is kinda saved due to the fact of its Pre-paid option in the form of MS points and Subscriptions.

But yes the xblive is just as vulnerable as PSN.
No matter what they do to prevent it, there will always be 1 cunt who wants to fuck it up.

In a way you gotta admire a hackers determination, and intelligence... if only they could apply such talent to something useful...

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Prototype2780d ago

Why the disagree? I swear some people disagree just because they can

WetN00dle692780d ago

lol, it must of been a hacker itself.
Anyways i agree 100%!

chidori6662780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

probably. But I'm sure any chances of it happening is far less than what happened to PSN. I'd assume Microsoft has a bigger security budget and better protection in LIVE.

jrisner2780d ago

but that still doesn't mean it cant happen. It could happen to any network/corporation/Govt and university on the planet.

fedexas2780d ago

That doesn't mean that Live is immune to attacks. Sorry. :/

Scary692780d ago

@ chidori666

I am not sure what cave you are still living in but as it has been stated before there is no such thing as top security or better protection. If a hackers wants to get in he/she will find a way to do so. Can Live be hacked? Yes. Will it happen? WTF knows.

Eddie201012780d ago

It seems to me the more difficult it is to break security on a system the harder the hacker try to do so. I mean it took more than 4 years for hacker's to break the PS3's security.

Tainted Gene2780d ago

Microsoft is not immune by any means,

they are just careful enough to not piss off the hackers.

Sony3602779d ago

Regardless, saying "it could happen" is irrelevant at this point. The only thing that matters right now is that it hasn't.

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sbizarre2780d ago

I HATE HACKERS!! Prob the same ppl who hacked hotmail.. they stole the same sort of information. Makes you wonder how dangerous it is to have your life and your finances up on the internet.

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Dart892780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yes nothing is safe from the hackers.If the damn pentagon can be hacked wat makes xbox live any more secure??

Edit:Who would disagree with me im stating the obvious moron.

Joni-Ice2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yup...But if you Hack the Pentagon you better leave the country ASAP.

ATiElite2780d ago

Actually you better leave the Planet but then again they would still find you.

I hope you enjoy Water Boarding and High frequencies (the kind that scrambles brain waves)

user98412882780d ago

You can't post without getting disagrees. I think it's in the trollers code of duty or something like that...

ATiElite2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I didn't disagree but the Pentagon is a little tricky. They kinda let people hack them so they can trace them back to bigger fish and spy on them. I'm not saying it's impossible to hack but a room full of Einsteins and Teslas aren't just gonna breach that firewall.

Also the Pentagon usually only gets hacked internally, the two or three times that they have actually lost "information that even Google has" it was mostly an inside job. Remember China probably spends over $2 Billion dollars yearly hacking the U.S.

The Pentagon in under attack 24/7/365(366 leep year) by the strongest Government funded computers in the world. IBM has the Pentagon computers on some Star Trek type sh1te.

The Xbox Live Network...not so much but Microsoft knows how to defend it's network from previous experiences in this matter while Sony has just suffered a costly learning experience.

that is all.

etowntwo2780d ago

Probably the most informative comment yet.

Bubble up.

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Shanks2780d ago

Sony has a great hardware but they dont know shit about software.

Kain812780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

wrong iam sure you played some first party games from sony...

Aloren2780d ago

I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that kind of software. He probably meant the OS etc.

Fulensenca2780d ago

lol what??! I can' t believe you are serious ...

maverick402780d ago

@Shank. How do you know that? bullcrap.

metsgaming2780d ago

yea sony doesnt know software thats why the have the most and best exclusives and actually take risks with new ips.

Shanks2780d ago

wtf? i didnt mean first party title i meant software engineering.

Dark_king2780d ago

Shanks is right,Sony is not the best software company when it comes to designing a system.They have great game developers but they don't work making a OS for the systems or network.I mean just look at the OS for both the PS3 and 360,PS3 is using about 50 mb of ram 360 30 some.In that 30 some MS packed cross game chat in game music and plenty other.
Me being a PS fan I can understand that is a area that Sony needs to improve on.After all we only grow stronger when we learn are faults and work to fix them.

Aarix2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Haha if I said "Microsoft has great Software but don't know crap about hardware", I'd be the one getting a million agrees.

madpuppy2779d ago

Are you kidding me? MS OS's are the most unreliable, bug ridden operating systems ever made.

CoLD FiRE2779d ago

That's not true. Actually, MS OSs are more secure and more reliable than most others.

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helghast1022780d ago

Of course it can, if it can be coded, it can be decoded.