Is Sony's 'Welcome Back' Program Enough? | GoozerNation

Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "Sony is in a pretty bad place right now, and they need to take some pretty drastic steps in winning back their customers’ loyalty. A press conference early this morning has fleshed out the details of what Sony is calling a “goodwill gesture,” but is it going to be enough?"

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fluffydelusions2754d ago

For some it will be...others not so much. Some people are just never pleased.

CynicalVision2754d ago

'Some people are just never pleased'

You're so right, Sony could of said something like 'we're giving our customers a free copies of Uncharted 2, Infamous, Killzone 3 and free access to PS+ for a year to make up for the outage' and some people would still find a reason to complain.

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zootang2754d ago

It will never be enough for Sony, people want blood from them.

kreate2754d ago

i still got mixed feelings though. im disappointed with Sony regardless its their fault or not.

i think i should sell my PS3 and get the cheaper 360.

losing out on twisted metal and final fantasy versus 13 is the most saddening part for me though.

it depends on this year's E3. than maybe i will buy a PS3 again when those games come out, but for now. im done with PS3.

morganfell2754d ago

"...Sony is in a pretty bad place right now..."

Amazingly it is the so called 'journalists' that are the ones making these proclamations. For the most part, though there are exceptions, Sony fans are not on the same sheet of music as hit desperate sites that are owned by lonely high schoolers.

leogets2754d ago

Lol id complain cos i have all them games, joking aside i think sony owe us nothin as they were the victims and we missed out on 2 weeks of a free service oh golley gosh. All i expected was ps plus users to be extended for 2 weeks

xfrgtr2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Youre a liar,you already have a 360,stop trolling.

ravinash2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I think most people will be glad when PSN is back, and think nothing beyond that.
Its great to have a free months PSN+, but considering that normal on line play is free, they didn't need to do that.

People jump up and down saying Sony owes them!...for what? Its a free service!
And its only been down for a couple of days.

I'm sure there are a few who will be looking for blood, but as always in these things, they will be the most vocal.

Once PSN is back, then most of us will be happy and hopeful that our details will be better protected.

ravinash2754d ago

@ kreate

What you said makes no sense.
Why go out and sell a console only to go back and buy it again a few months later?

Sounds like a lot of effort to lose money.

crimsontower2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Sad thing is that the majority of companies make money off selling personal info. These people keep making statements boosting the personal info over the cc breach. I think people should educate themselves on business practices.

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Nitrowolf22754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

and now we begin the articles of "is it enough?"

also i really wish Sony could make quriocity run ingame, that would be a major reason to sub to it then if they did that.

i'm already a plus user, but 30 days is gonna fly fast

Klaykid1232754d ago

Free 21 (ish) days that you didn't pay for ;)

MysticStrummer2754d ago

We can't know if it's enough yet because Sony said there would be more announcements made about the Welcome Back program. I expect to hear something about compensation for DC Universe and Free Realms users.

omi25p2754d ago

Some people who have lost trust in sony dont want "free gifts" as an apologie they want to be able to trust sony again and no amount of free stuff can gain that trust.

Biggest2754d ago

Because trust is built in 30 minutes.

omi25p2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

when did i say trust was built in 30 minutes... Sony cant simply regain peoples trust by giving people free stuff.

Sony had their suspicions that hackers had gotten a hold of peoples bank account details and rather than warn people the moment they had any reason to believe this they waited, hoped and investigated then a week later warned people.

Thats why people lost trust in sony, if sony had warned people earlier it would have given people more of a chance to sort out there bank accounts. Then if there hadnt been any details stolen all the consumer would have lost is a few moments of their time securing their bank accounts, But sony warning its consumers a week later could of caused money being taken from them.

Also its sad to see that 17 people will forgive a company that could of lost them lots of money just because they gave you some free stuff. poor fanboys

BabyTownFrolics2754d ago

dont even try omi25p

I have lost 2 bubbles in the last couple of days just pointing things out using sonys own words. I think the welcome program is nice of sony, they didnt have to do any of this. But being pointing out any negatives about sony is inviting the wrath of certain users here.

I just want all this to be over, so we can move on to something else. I am bored of the sycophants, the fanboys, and the trolls.

Sevir042754d ago

.... child boo! theydidnt handthis over, when it happened they shut down the network andconducted research! you cant make false claims withsomething like this which iswhy you need to be sure! go sit down or go outside! people will never be satisfied! the fact of the real fact of the matter is as long as you post personal info to the internet you are at risk of being hacked and attacked. It isn't sony's fault.

omi25p2754d ago

sevir04, u have just written one of the stupidest comments ive ever read. It made no sense. Good job

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Scyrus2754d ago

more than good enough for me,i honestly just want psn back up so people can play my LBP2 levels lol, but awesome, I will download a bunch of stuff like themes with psn+

question, do Themes Expire once your PSN+ expire? u know the PSN+ exclusive ones?

BrianG2754d ago

Nope, themes, avatars, DLC, and items purchased on discount are there to stay forever.

fedexas2754d ago

Maybe Sony needs a bunch of sacrificial lambs or something. /s

I'm quite content with what they offered because I have PSN+. I think that's fair.

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cannon88002754d ago

Heck yeah! I'm pleased for sure! one month of ps+ Quriosity and free downloads!

Eyeco2754d ago

who cares if its good enough just bring PSN back online for god sake this has gone on long enough, i just wanna play Portal 2 online

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Dart892754d ago

Hellz to the mofo yea, but then again you got the whiners who say where's my cross game chat bla bla be thankful Sony even decided to reward us.Either way i'm happy with what Sony is giving us.

LOGICWINS2754d ago

"I think, at a minimum, Sony should offer 90 days of this service and Qriocity, but even then, I’d like to see some permanent benefits."

I agree, once the 30 month sub is gone I lose all my PS Plus content(except any discounts I get.) Sony DID say they were giving us free those will be permanent benefits.

xTruthx2754d ago

^^^^ You don't know what ps+ has huh lol, this guy thinks its only discounts lol

LOGICWINS2754d ago

Well, I know it has themes, avatars, and DLC which I believe is free to keep as well

xTruthx2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Yeah..... cus you asked on another article

LOGICWINS2754d ago

Ummm yeah, because I didn't know. So whats ur point? Anyways, nice to know people r keeping track of my comments :)

xTruthx2754d ago

Not keeping track, just got to go to your comment history and see. My point ? your first reply about how you said

"once the 30 month sub is gone I lose all my PS Plus content(except any discounts I get.)"

You shouldn't post about things you don't know and ask on another thread if what you said was true, other people who don't know might believe it. That's all :)

LOGICWINS2754d ago

^^Like I said, thx for tracking me

solidjun52754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"Ummm yeah, because I didn't know. So whats ur point? Anyways, nice to know people r keeping track of my comments :) "

It's nice to know you're so emotional about it dead. :)

I see you working those disagrees on all my comments eh. @[email protected]

solidjun52753d ago

"You shouldn't post about things you don't know and ask on another thread if what you said was true, other people who don't know might believe it. That's all :) "

That's his MO

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awiseman2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

We cant say until we find out what the undermined content is. The qriocity is rubbish as well as ths ps+ especially since its is playing you guys...and you refuse to see it...

imo I want a free dlc code for Hoard Its my favorite minigame on psn. If they give that im happy lol

LOGICWINS2754d ago

IMO, they should have just given us $20 PSN credit and let US decide what WE want.

nikoado2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

$20*70 million = $1.4 Billion...

I think
1. covering the cost of new credit cards and enrollment in fraud protection programs for customers
2. rebuilding and strengthening their security by working day and night
3. commissioning multiple independent security firms to investigate
4. cooperating fully with law agencies
5. offering PS+ and Quirocity content
6. offering additional free content above that
7. changing their policy so that customers can get their PS wallet refunded if they want to leave

is a pretty reasonable and adequate response considering they have no liability in their TOS.

The only criticism we can reasonably have is initial lack of communication, specifically saying they were aware of issues with the PSN etc. when they themselves brought it down. They could have communicated better there no doubt.

Focker4202754d ago

Giving people free content for a month is 'playing them'...

Riiiiggghhhhtttt... Your logic is flawed.

jizzyjones2754d ago

It doesn't matter if its enough or not as a safe PSN is the priority, although some Uncharted3/Resistance3/inFAMOU S2 beta would of been just lovely. But we may all get that with our free PSN+ anyway.

KillerPwned2754d ago

Here comes another series of articles now...