Xbox 360 on Sale During PSN Downtime

A tip has been sent out about a sale that will be going on all week at BestBuy.

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fluffydelusions2780d ago

There are always sales for 360/PS3 but if that sale is true $129.99 well that is just insane

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zeeshan8102780d ago

meh..I'm sticking with my PS3.

LOGICWINS2780d ago

As I'm I, but we know that TONS of people would go for a $300 360/Kinect Bundle.

trancefreak2780d ago

yeah agree on the kinect price that is one reason im on hold with that purchase. I just really started using the move with heavy rain and I cant belive how good that game feels for compared to kz3

Kz3 has to be ds3 with trigger fingers. Speaking of kz3 anyone try playing kz2 after playing kz3. Oh my talk about feeling awkward handling the weapons. Ill have to relearn that one.

TruthBTold2780d ago

I have a PS3, two actually. One in my living room and one in my office. I would buy a 360 considering the red ring issue seems to have been fixed but my only issue is time. A few exclusives is worth it since the time people spend gaming is not as much as many think. Both consoles are worth owning to play some exclusives and some multiplats. My problem is even now with jsut the PS3 I dont find the time to play much. Most of my time goes into sprots games like Fifa and NBA Jam so the time I have left over I will be very picky on the games I will pay to play. Uncharted will be a must have for me as I have loved the series as well as the upcoming Resistance which looks like it will be better than the first one which was one of my favorite shooters this gen. If you have more time on your hands to play as much as you would like and dont have the 360 Im sure this price is very tempting. At this point in time though my only other concern would be how soon before we see the next gen systems.

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kneon2780d ago

This same deal has come up at Best Buy at least several times since Christmas, it's not new and probably isn't even related to the PSN issues.

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Darkfocus2780d ago

"There are always sales for 360/PS3 but if that sale is true $129.99 well that is just insane"

129.99 +$50 to play online....

Solidus187-SCMilk2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Id get my 214 back and could get a new model.

I wont do that but it would be a pretty good deal if I did.

edit- also people saying MS is being cheap are morons. This sale is given by BEST BUY not MS. Idiots here get butthurt over everything.

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DNAbro2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

wow that is actually an amazing deal...kind of tempted to buy it now

edit: apparently the deal is canada only? it says at the bottom

kreate2780d ago

aww.... and i was about to go buy one T____T

Fel082780d ago

I might get one. Not bc of the whole PSN situation. I've been planning on getting an Xbox 360 for a while now.

awiseman2780d ago

gotta love the disagrees, My good sir you are not allowed to get an Xbox? Whats the matter with you thats treason!

frostypants2780d ago

Too bad it's the 4GB version (i.e., gimped). You NEED a big hard drive, and MS rips you off blind on those.

morkendo232780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

from FEL08
I might get one. Not bc of the whole PSN situation. I've been planning on getting an Xbox 360 for a while now.

sure seem to all of us readers you doing this becuz pns situation. its mighty coincidently u just happen to wanna buy a 360 now ...why not posted before april 20th or after the fact when PSN back up and runing u bought a 360.... claiming now make it seem like thats your motive to buy one now.

Solidus187-SCMilk2779d ago

How is it because of PSN if he wants to buy it when ITS ON SALE for like a shit load off the regular price.

You PSN zealots are butthurt about everything. You ever think that hes gonna get a 360 now BECAUE ITS ON SALE NOW.

I bet your mad at MS for this sale too, even though it is BEST BUY who set up this sale.

Fel082779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I want to get one now, simply bc of the price. I was waiting for a good deal to get an Xbox 360, and now I feel this is the best time to get one, bc of the price, not bc of PSN being down. Geez, u SONY fanboys need to stop kissing SONY's ass, and stop acting like SONY pay ur bills or something. And that goes to anybody who idolize these companies, who don't care about anything else, but your money.

Chocoboh2780d ago

That's how much I bought my Xbox360 for X-mas last year.. granted it didn't come with a hard drive cause I'm a cheap-o(or Microsoft is.. however you wanna look at it)

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