Excuse Me, Your Replacement Halo 3 Discs Are Here

Show of hands who had their Halo 3 bonus disc all scratched up by the crummy tin box. One, two, three...OK, thousands of you. For those yet to see the surprisingly watchable documentary (no volleyball!) or, worse still, finish the fight, your two week wait is over. The replacement discs have started turning up at homes, and while the new soft, beige packaging might not be as easy on the eye as a dark metal tin, it has done a better job of delivering functioning game discs to your 360 console.

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Duke Nukem4114d ago

I should get mine soon then. great news

PopEmUp4114d ago

Happy Halo your disc is back

predator4114d ago

mine was scratched a bit, works like a charm so not bothered

HeartlesskizZ4114d ago

Why almost a month after launch they deliver it to the consumers?

RonDeMuerte4114d ago

before anyone else does!!...there's still time.......hehe I'm just joking....

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The story is too old to be commented.