COD4 Demo play(whole level)

A brand new video for COD4, hit the jump for it.

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Lt Roy Mustang4018d ago

I hope it hits the PSN soon so I can try it out.
AI looks great so the graphics

Crazyglues4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I say that because the game actually looked better on the console in the beta, so I can only assume that's because this was not a very high-end PC, something with the latest graphics cards. And with all the specs turned all the way up. Still looked really good.

Which just says a lot for the game. To think for the first time the console version might actually look better then the PC version, depending on your PC.

That's pretty amazing, means they did a really amazing job on the console design.

I can't wait for this game, I hope the war in Iraq is nothing like this because it just seems crazy if that was real life, and you had guns to the left of you, guns to the right. Just insane.

Kleptic4018d ago

i was going to ask if anyone knew what type of PC that was...I actually found it pretty underwhelming in terms of visuals...which everyone has been saying are the greatest ever quality wasn't that great...but the particle effects from bullets hitting drywall, concrete, etc. were terrible...they were the same silly effects from COD1 it looks like, and have that extremely obvious 2d appearance...hopefully that is addressed before the game releases...

it will be fun...but I am torn between this and UT3 for the PS3 for now...won't get both right away most likely...and the demo for UT3 on PC is unbelievably good looking...and unbelievably fun...and the demo only shows 3 vehicles or something, and 3'ish maps...

bluebrad19744018d ago

I was also in the beta and can vouch for what your saying. The graphics do look noticeably better than this video. The framerate was also much better than this video. Probably a low end PC, like you said.

royalracoon4018d ago

Actually this game is tame compared to parts of Iraq. You figure that not only do you have gun fire but people yelling, screaming, you are trying to hear what is going on with your people. But then you never can totally recreate the experience.

I know you aren't comparing the two just letting you know all the other stuff that goes on besides just gun fire.

Now as far as this goes being a great game, yes they nailed it.

Daz4018d ago

I had the demo for pc and it looked great but it dont let you set the higher settings no option too, only normal max for the demo.

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royalracoon4018d ago

Not to mention the smells, I almost forgot that part

sjappie4018d ago

have you been there, just curious.

royalracoon4018d ago

yes I was in Iraq from 2003 to 2004