World of Warcraft Wisdom: Got Boredom Yet?

Mark Sherman of Game Rant writes: "We love World of Warcraft but in this installment of ‘World of Warcraft Wisdom,’ let’s take a stroll down Boredom Road and figure out what we can do when boredom strikes us in the game."

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DW742753d ago

They left out "Quit, and resume life.".

user98412882753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

True but if they have been doing nothing but playing since 2004 what life could they have to resume?

evrfighter2753d ago

i believe at least 75% of wow's customers are bored of it.

but can't quit due to time invested or social reasons.

DW742753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

My disagree up there doesn't realize that I *am* one of those that played since vanilla and gave it up to resume life.

Senden2752d ago

Quit the damn game and demand a more meaty experience from blizzard in future. Blizzard have literally designed the best cash cow possible. Every expansion they add some new zones funky quests but it's ultimately the EXACT same experience. It really pisses me off that this game is still so popular when lesser known mmo devs try and bring out new refreshing content instead of a bunch of new dungeons for the epic zombie masses out there.

Psychonaughty2752d ago

I've been playing WOW since it came out, casually mind you I only play a month or 2 a year roughly but I defo got bored with this expansion much quicker than last ones. Blizz better announce an amazing expansion at blizzcon or I and many others might look elsewhere.