MediaKick Review: Dynasty Warriors 7

"Starting out as a two-dimensional fighting game on the original PlayStation, Dynasty Warriors has evolved steadily since, without innovating too much on the third person action gameplay the series has become famous for. Dynasty Warriors 6, the last game in the numbered series, saw fundamental changes which were rejected wholeheartedly by fans of the series. Dynasty Warriors 7 seeks to rectify the problems that surfaced in its prequel, while pushing to be the best game in the series. Does it succeed? You bet it does."

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2727d ago
Chapulin2727d ago

I miss playing DW. Gonna get this one once its on sale.

AhmadCentral2727d ago

Good to see reviewers giving this version of Dynasty Warriors a good score. DW7 deservers a high score this time. It's much better than DW6.

InLaLaLand2727d ago

I need to get this game, haven't tried it out, but it looks cool. I hope they have the demo for the game on the store.

AhmadCentral2727d ago

unfortunately there is no demo. But i recommend getting this, there is so much content for the price.

InLaLaLand2727d ago

Yeah once I get a replacement PS3 I probably pick this up along with Mortal Kombat.

Xof2727d ago

It's a fantastic game and a huge leap forward for Sangoku Musou titles... but it's still has a lot of flows (camera and AI, bad acting most obviously). It's definitely worth non-fans looking at, but isn't a must-buy.

Also: gotta love Cao Wei's campaign. Other than the flamboyant fairy and the grotesquely obese retard, it was the most interesting of the 4.

antauwnehart2727d ago

wtf! How does game even get above average scores this entire series is a 1/10 at best! I guess this goes to show just how many unreliable no name reviewers have flooded the game industry!

BiggCMan2727d ago

Go troll somewhere else you fool. Dynasty Warriors has been a great franchise ever since it started, with just A FEW bad titles here and there. Its these smaller sites that always give more reliable reviews and information anyways, not IGN or GameSpot, and especially the horrible GameTrailers. I know for a fact that you haven't played this series, or at least not enough to see what it offers. The content you get in every single game is almost unmatched with other games with the exception of RPG's. You need to stop listening to the "big dogs" and try games out for yourself instead of judge them before you play them. You represent many things wrong with the industry today.

AhmadCentral2727d ago


Games improve, sure there may have been bad games in the past. but this game is the best one in the entire series. It's a much improved game since the DW2.

Oh and actually play this game first before you have a go at how crap it is. This game has got fairly good reviews from everyone. It's averaging about 7.5 on this site.

Solidus187-SCMilk2727d ago

I hear this is the best DW in along time.

I could understand if you dont think these games ae great, but saying the entire series is a 1 at best and you are clearly a troll and a "FOOOL!"

im going to get this game soon, I loved DW 2 and 3 back in the early PS2 days. Co-op in DW is so fun. This looks like a grat time to play more DW.

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