MediaKick - Opinion: Rediscovery

Portal 2 sits completed, the PSN remains unusable, meaning with a lack of another physical person, the co-op portion of the game was unplayable. As such, I had to look at other games to keep entertained. The problem was, no other game screamed ‘Play me!’ which was when I turned to my newly purchased PlayStation 2 and the only two games I have for it, Final Fantasy X and SSX 3. These are two games I adore even among current powerhouses such as Gears of War, Uncharted and Call of Duty.

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Istanbull2728d ago

Does everyone need to make articles about what they're playing during the PSN down time? Yes FFX and SSX3 are great games, so great games that you can't oompcare them with Gears of CoD.

I've been playing Yakuza all week, should I make an article about it?