Mortal Kombat for $39.99 at Amazon

Further proving that there is no need to pay $60 for a game, Amazon has dropped the price of Mortal Kombat to $39.99 for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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Chocoboh2818d ago

If only they would drop the price for us folks in Canada. We pay a hefty $80 for games here in Canada because of the low shipment/tax and the English/French bi-lingual needs :(

soundslike2818d ago

time to round up the frenchies and give them le boot

JonDiskonected2818d ago

even though I gave you a disagree, I gave gou a + bubble for being funny


DaTruth2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Where do you live? I pay $59.99 plus tax which is around $67 in Toronto. Unless you mean on Amazon, but I don't shop their because I don't like to put my CC on my PC.

I remember it was $80 before the par Canadian dollar!

Chocoboh2818d ago

eh.. maybe you're right. I live in Ontario too, last game I bought was BFBC2 cost me about $80 only been renting games since then

GoldPS32818d ago

This is good. I can now buy MK and Portal 2 and save over $40. Amazon is the best.

spunnups2818d ago

Seems to me the fighting in this game is very basic and dumbed down. My judgements come strictly from the demo and the movie lists on GameFaqs.

soundslike2818d ago

The secret sauce is canceling out of combos to specials during juggles.

Kalowest2818d ago

DAMN i have to learn how to do combos like that. I love playing as Reptile, and Ermac.

ddelella2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Real deal is at Toys R Us this week. The game is $40 plus the RZone magazine in store has another $10 off. I also got the Kitana costume with it. Take that Amazon.

starcb262818d ago

I have $20 credit so I can get this game for $20.

ViRaL-2817d ago

Just bought it now. I had a $20 credit cause I pre-ordered portal 2.

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