What the hell is Live Anywhere anyway?

Bill Gates has a vision. He wants to have several things that his company makes in your house and in your pocket and in your fashionable over-the-shoulder urban satchel.

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TheMART5374d ago

Well, isn't any company searching for a long term relationship with a customer and earn money for it?

Sony will try to do it, any company will. As long as a company delivers, I'm willing to pay for it. MS is delivering with XBL and I think they will with Live anywhere. I am really curious how PS3 and Wii are living up to the hype they try to create of a total free online service.

Nothing I use with premium quality is for free. Not one thing. Yeah when I sh!t it's in premium quality for free, but the rest just costs money.
PS2 free online service stinked. I bet this new gen online services just won't be free in the end.

bernie5373d ago

Live anywhere is quite hard to explain, but this website seems to do it the best, take a look:-

It's really cool and starts a lot sooner than you think, see you on Live, wither on your Xbox360, PC or Mobile phone or all three it's up to you. :)

Jay da 2KBalla5373d ago

This is going to be revolutionary and very benificial to the games industry.

BIadestarX5373d ago

We only heard about live anywhere 2-3 months ago, and about the xna less than 1 month ago; and we already know more about it than the PS3 and Nintendo's service. So, I am not worried.

Steve5195373d ago

I can't wait for this type of stuff to be out there on the market. I will build up more community and keep people coming back