This Generations Top Ten Game Trailers

Over the years I must have sat through hundreds of trailers for upcoming games, eyes glued, ears pricked, for a brief glimpse of the undoubted perfect slice of gaming Nirvana that would be in my controller wielding palms before I knew it. Here's the ten most memorable.

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sasuke992727d ago

Biohazard 5
Ar tonelico 3

these games had some of the best trailers this whole gen none even mentioned on that list....

Chocoboh2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I kind of agree with your list but I like the Gears trailer and some people come across me as a PS3 fanboy xd totaly not true.

Edit: also this gen is far from over. Can't wait to see the FF13 Vs trailer.. so hyped for it but I doubt it will contain Chocobos :(

RedDead2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Chocobo's already confirmed there buddy...unless you meant you want to see them in the trailer..which would be a long shot haha

Scyrus2726d ago

yeah lol, FFv13 has a classic huge world map, air and ground vehicles aswell as chocobo's

Pyscho_Mantis2726d ago

MGS4 and Gears of War

Fuck it Gears of War had the best trailer imo.

PirateThom2727d ago

Assassin's Creed was amazing, but not the Massive Attack ad, the one with Lonely Soul. UNKLE are so good.

Glad Reach is on the list, those Remember Reach ads are a prime example of how to advertise a game in a tasteful manner. Actually, they probably come first or second as best ad this gen.

I never really cared for that Gears of War ad, mostly because that Mad World cover is absolutely terrible.

It's a shame Portal 2 isn't getting any mentions... the Investment Opportunities or even that initial reveal trailer.

ExitToExisT2727d ago

very bad list in my opinion.

God_of_War2727d ago

Where is GOD OF WAR 3 ??????dude it almost won the best trailer of all time award.

solidsnoop292727d ago

What the hell?

No Metal Gear Solid 4? (Metal gear solid is the king of game trailers, the best ever)

Assassins creed also one of the best if not the best game trailer.

Something clearly is wrong here.

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The story is too old to be commented.