Gamer's Corner: Has EA Ruined Bioware?

"Rather than being a pioneer for software quality, it seems that E.A. is a pioneer for business models. There are many common themes with E.A. published games - paid for DLC, pre-order bonuses, special editions, online activation codes etc. All of these are innovations in generating money rather than improving the quality of the game. Methods that increase the money you hand over and reduce the chances of selling the game to the pre-owned market."

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NewMonday2755d ago

IMOO yes they did, they only started changing because EA wanted the games "accessible".

EA missed the point that EA is dedicated for hardcore RPG games, and its fans are hardcore RPG gamers.

Baka-akaB2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

i dont really believe it .

Bioware has been streamlining and simplifying each subsequient game right after Kotor .

EA was just "lucky" to buy them after me1 ... at the point bioware was really simplifying to the extreme .

And the dlc trend was already starting full force with me1 .

I even bet Bioware's top showed EA their vision for the future , and project of making rpgs for the masses , wich convinced them of the purchase even further .

That's too easy to pretend its EA's fault , just because you dont wanna start disliking Bioware . it takes two to tango

JAMurida2755d ago

Still gets me though how Bioware would stay with them after EA said "Single player games are a thing of the past".

That was literally a kick in the nuts for Bioware.

krazykombatant2755d ago

Agreed on what you have to say, I don't think we need to pass judgement until ME3 comes out. If it fails which it shouldn't but if it goes into more simplicity. I think its safe to say that bioware have ruined themselves.

Solid_Snake-2755d ago

agreed. EA ruined bioware.

DeadlyFire2755d ago

I disagree. Bioware was perfect before EA touched it. Now it is no longer Bioware. It is EA-Bioware. Completely different company in my eyes.

Its hard to really say if EA has changed Bioware or not.

evrfighter2754d ago

can't argue that

think Square-Enix except EA/Bioware will put out 10x more DLC.

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Rainstorm812755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

EA tends to ruin most games they the last patch for Fight night champion changed the game and made it unplayable for me.....also look at NBA live/elite or Madden for more proof.

Even still, i just cant put down Bioware games

JAMurida2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I wouldn't say "ruined" just made the game more stream lined to reach as many people as possible. This process happens to just about every game out there these days though.

Rybakov2755d ago

nope Mass effect 3 is not being streamlined like ME2 and DA2 were

and star wars mmo is gonna be awesome tho i wish they would do a proper ktor3....hated 2 but then again they didnt make it

bessy672755d ago

Yeah, but just the fact that they're doing an MMO speaks to EA's influence in trying to appeal to a wide audience and roll in the dough, like WoW. Bioware has always been about making the best single-player experiences out there, and I really wish they hadn't gone down this route. It'll be the first bioware game since Baldur's Gate that I won't buy.

Rybakov2755d ago

yeah and have you not seen any of the devs talk about the mmo its more about the single player experience on top of being able to play with groups of people

and who chars if its an mmo or not its star wars ktor thats enough for me to at least pick it up and try it....tho i dunno where i will be or my financial situation but if i can ill keep playing

Baka-akaB2755d ago

EA's influence ?

I'm rather otherwise convinced that the appeal of a project like Old republic , along with their sp portfolio is what made EA purchase them to begin with .

The idea didnt start with EA , and Bioware was more likely seeing a big enough publisher to support its mmo projects and a few others .

I have a feeling we'd have the same subject and debate , if not worse , had Bioware gone to activision , Square enix , capcom , namco or ubisoft instead

bessy672755d ago

@Rybakov: I'm sure that it will be a great game and a more story-focused MMO than some of the others on the market, but as with WoW, which I'm sure is an amazing game, I refuse to pay $60 on the game itself and then close to $200 a year in subscription fees for a single game. It's ridiculous.

@Baka-akaB: I also agree that the situation would be the same or worse if they had gone to some of the other studios that you mentioned. I just wish that they had stayed independent and kept releasing games in their typical style, since they are some of my all-time favorite games.

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