Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Facial Animation & Environments Videos

Sony released these 2 new videos of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune showcasing the game's awesome graphics: Facial animation and environments.

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Lt Roy Mustang4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Can this game get any better?
Sad for others that is exclusive for the PS3

FirstknighT4022d ago

Whoa, I guess it's really hard to create water even on the ps3 because that water sucked the big one. But anyway this looks like a fun game. I'll be checking it out for sure.

THC CELL4022d ago

FirstknighT first of all u shocked me ( i thought u was a x box fanboy)

second Only on ps3 baby woo

FirstknighT4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

You might think I bash on the ps3 all the time, but I don't. Just a few times! ;) Uncharted looks like a winner.

BTW, I played and beat Resistance, great game, crappy online. I played Motorstorm. Fun game. I played Warhawk, got boring really quick. And that is my whole ps3 experience so far. But nothing screams "BUY ME." Atleast not for me. And nothing in the near future says "Buy Me" either.

Kleptic4022d ago

resistance crappy online?...have to disagree with that...feature wise it was one of the best online console games ever...if you didn't like the gameplay, or 40 players at once...well I guess that is why you would deem it "crappy"...but dedicated servers, stats, customizations, all linked to an officialy website...all from a launch title and brand new, at the time, online have to admit that is pretty impressive...

and Warhawk got boring?...dude seriously?...what games do you like to play online?...I would understand if you only gave the game 10 minutes and didn't have fun...I would imagine you didn't come close to killing anyone, and didn't last in the air more than about 15 seconds...but if you dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to learn the controls and areas of the ends up being one of the best online experiences ever imo...

they didn't show any impressive water stuff in that video...actually I haven't seen any water stuff that really blew me away except for a slow motion fight in a cave or something...the water looked good, and ripples looked realistic...but the impressive part was how the characters looked wet when coming up out of the like waste down was totally different textures than the upper part out of the water...was really cool looking...

the game has some cool crysis like stuff too...the way wind has an affect on the forest and plants...and the "forces" of an explosion blowing branches the deforestation all seems great so far...this game is definitely shaping up to be a contender for one of the best looking games released so far...

HeartlesskizZ4022d ago

one of my favorites for this Hollyday =)

BlazeXXL4022d ago

is a must buy for every ps3 owner.

I'm buying it because I'm a fan of Naughty Dog, and cause I really like the setting.

Devr4022d ago

Damn. Does this game have the best graphics this year or what?

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The story is too old to be commented.