Sony promises to refund your PSN wallet

Gamersmint: In case you are fed up with the PS3 and want to leave Sony but have a few funds left in the wallet, it will be refunded if you want.

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Karooo2728d ago

This is a nice move by sony

jammy_702728d ago

Very nice indeed, but who would leave Sony? It's been down for a while so what there's plenty of awesome single player games to play. If that's not you cuppa tea get out, weathers good lol

kreate2728d ago

i dont know man. i think im going to leave the PS3. Leaving twisted metal and Resistance 3 is my biggest sorrow but i think im going to sell my PS3 and get a 360.

Sony gotta compensate more for me to forgive them.

DigitalRaptor2728d ago

And what is Microsoft gonna offer you then?

Big mistake man..

psb2728d ago

Sony, am staying with you guys. I'll add more funds to my wallet once PSN gets restored. :)

slaton242728d ago

exactly...evrybody has problems if u have CC on system and pissed off cause of HACKERS not SONY breakin into and stealin info u should have known not to input ur info...psn cards is the way to leaving sony of fear of that is not their fault..any system can b hack nothin is unhackable even pentagon was hacked b4....but u no something do what u want its ur choice

RememberThe3572728d ago

You don't blame the bank for getting robbed but the banks also guarantee your money (or rather the FDIC does) so I think it's cool that Sony will refund your wallet. That way if you want to leave the PSN you can do so with no strings attached and no love lost on Sony's part.

I too will be adding funds to my wallet when the PSN is up, I want some more dynamic themes :)

Godmars2902728d ago

Oh, shut up and take the free crap :p

Foliage2728d ago

Microsoft would have hiked their bloated subscription fee to cover the loses. Like how activision wanted a share of the live subscription costs, so Microsoft hiked the price so it's users would cover the percentage. That was pathetic.

Good move by Sony.

Jezuz2728d ago

So before this article even appeared, i could say Sony would've put a mandatory subsciption to cover up losses. But I have no proof.

So what you said is BS and completely fanboyistic.

sak5002728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


can't you shut your trolling even in this situation? Nobody said anything against sony in this thread yet you're the once bringing in Microsoft. WHat are you so insecure about?

@jeezus well said +bubbs.

Eddie201012728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


All anyone has to do is look at your past comments and they would know who the real fanboy (Xbot Fanboy Trash) is.

Inception2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Man, with all this move (refund wallet, free games, free 30 days PS+, etc) i can't imagine if someone still bitching about Sony -_-

UP2728d ago

dont worry they still will.

radphil2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


They'll find a way. There's people still demanding for OtherOS on some comments. >_>

I mean they stated if by the off-chance you are compromised with your CC, they will offer free credit reporting outside of the free one we get in the US, and compensate for issuing new cards.

I mean I'll state this again. This is NOT the first time I've been in an incident like this where someone attempted ID Theft. From another comment I stated in a different article, I was with SECU when the whole CC hack happened, and thus they issued out new cards.

This is just the same situation happening on an international level.

a_bro2728d ago

just wait. im waitng for the damage control that all those crap sites will ensue after this. its why people cant have nice things.

radphil2728d ago

Don't have to wait. You can already tell there's one person that just did a disagree train going down this listing of comments.

cr33ping_death2728d ago

yeah someone will still complain some way or another... " Sony didnt wipe my @ss" will be the headline of another anti SONY article. just got home and read all of this.... never had it out for SONY and this only makes me like the company even more :)

chidori6662728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

30 Days of Playstation Plus is just... silly.

It sucks everything we download will be gone after our free trial. sigh..

stevenhiggster2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Not everything, that's a common misconception of PS+.
Most free game downloads do expire when your subscription expires. However any games and/or dlc you paid for at PS+ discount prices is yours forever and free avatars and themes and stuff are also yours forever.

Arkrite2728d ago

the hackers get to keep our info forever, we get to borrow a game for a month!
better still, we have all had our information compromised and we have to pay sony to keep most of the freebies* they offer us as compensation,
its an effing disgrace
*using the term freebies loosely

BlueTemplar2728d ago

@Arkrite I'm guessing you didnt go as far as actually, you know - watching the press conference or reading a decent transcript?

They clearly state that they are going to be offering free downloads of selected PSN content as well as the free month of PSN+.

I'm sure people will doubtless complain that this selected content will be crap, but unlike these people I am sadly unable to see the future.

radphil2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

"we have all had our information compromised"

You had it compromised the instant you threw away your mail, or access to the net.

You can get a person's birth certificate for $10 from the city, you can get their name and number from a Phone Book, you can even reverse that and even look at house deed information and translation.

Information is not as safe as what you think it is.

Hell even YOU can even be found out by just tracing your connection.

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clintos592728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Glad to see them doing this. I wonder how will they handle the 2 weeks for DCUO. I hope the can add those weeks back for us.


I hope your right, honestly all I ask for is for them to give us the days psn was down & im good. I dont ask for anything more. I just cant wait to get back on psn & play DCUO.

radphil2728d ago

I heard there was compensation for DCUO and Free Realms people on PS3 for later on.

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