G4: Red Faction: Battlegrounds Review

G4: "Battlegrounds is a game that wears its multiplayer bent on its proverbial sleeve. The single-player game is actually just called training, and consists of 16 short levels across four different mission types. The speed trial is purely about hitting flags that appear on the map as quickly as possible. Survival mode tasks players with, unsurprisingly, surviving for as long as possible against endless waves of enemies. Annihilate is similar, but timed instead.

Finally, the shooting range game is a mix of racing and shooting, where you must race around the track to destroy land mines. The problem, particularly with the shooting-centric modes, is that the gameplay gets really repetitive, really fast. The survival and annihilate games suffer from this sense of boredom the most, though the action racing-based modes are fast-paced enough to be fairly entertaining."

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