Black Ops Escalation Rumors And More

A member on a forum claims he has found new information about the new Black Ops Map Pack escalation. He describes perks, guns etc. He also claims he has found names of new maps that will be released later on in the game. Where has he found all of this, he states " I found all of this in Treyarchs codes". Could this be true?

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Chocoboh2730d ago

Here's some info I just leaked from Activision: DLC to cost $50 the price of a whole new game 'cause we said so and you will pay for it anyways cause it's Call of freakin' Duty

FAGOL2730d ago

A forum post got approved.

SockMaster2730d ago

total price of all of this? £2893747234, i got this from a forum post aswell lulz

The snipers are quite bad in zombies so its nice they are showing some sniper love for once...

MaverickStar72730d ago

I know from the video there looks two be two new perks. One looks like it could be a rapid fire, the other had a headshot symbol. You can see what looks to be the Humangun thing in the video and I would doubt a new sniper rifle on this map.

EXID2730d ago

would "rapid fire" just be double-tap? lol

MaverickStar72730d ago

Acension is the only map I've played on Black Ops, and it doesn't have double tap. Pardon me for getting 1 out of 4 things wrong.

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