12 minutes of Half Life 2: Episode 2

Besides Portal and Team Fortress 2, Valve was also showing some nifty footage of Half Life 2: Episode 2 during the Game Convention.

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TheMART5366d ago

I won't be buying this because I'll get Gears of War, but still it is very nice to see with the new next gen graphics.

If I see these pictures of monsters, it looks nicer then Resistance on the PS3 so I'll guess Sony fans could better buy this great game.

Enjoy the video

PS360PCROCKS5365d ago

I think this game looks awesome on the 360 and we all know its a great game

zonetrooper55365d ago

i'm getting this for the PC as it looks amazing, but i'm saving up for the geforce 7900GT 256mb graphics card and then gettting another 1GB of ram to make it 1.5GB ram then my computer can run it on high settings.

TheMART5365d ago

How much do you have to spend then in total?