CVG - Operation Flashpoint Red River: "People are yearning for something a little more different"

CVG - Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint Red River brings its own brand of modern warfare to a crowded genre. Despite the dominance of titles such as Call of Duty and Battlefield Codies is still optimistic about the Operation Flashpoint franchise and its staying power.

We sat down for a chat with creative director Sion Lenton to discuss Red River. In part one of our interview we talk about competition from Call of Duty, the state of the shooter genre and the multi-year Operation Flashpoint plan.

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Grave2730d ago

ya like Armed Assault 2 on consoles.

k4rma2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

There's no way they'd be able to bring ArmA 2 to console and retain the same level of complexity.

I think Dragon Rising is about as complex as console limitations allow.

Red River I think probably has a better balance though. Its a lotta fun if your tired of run & gun shooters.

What this franchise needs is to separate itself from the original soldier sim OFP games even more, so that it doesn't keep drawing the same comparisons. It also needs a much higher profile marketing campaign on the same level as CoD and BF. Console gamers tend to buy into that stuff for some reason. The quality and repetitiveness of those games doesn't even seem to be a factor. Its just the popularity of the brand name at this point.

Basically just keep pumping out the games, and eventually more folks recognise the brand name and start buying more of it.

caboose322730d ago

Yea man I completely agree. There are barely enough buttons on a keyboard for the damn game, it would be impossible to port it to consoles and retain the some depth as it has now.