Why Is The Whole Freaking Industry Against Sony?

GameThisrt - I’ll be the first journalist to say Sony messed up. I’ll also be the first to say the company did bad by our sensitive information. Yes, they should have protected us better, and there should have been more levels of security put in place to make sure all users information cannot, but no means, be taken at once. So again, Sony did us a disservice and will have to work hard in order to fully regain our trust.

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metsgaming2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Because their trolls, plain and simple.

FarEastOrient2754d ago

Yes it's because they're trolls, but also journalism isn't taking place. Ignoring data break-ins from Citi Bank, JP Morgan, and Amazon by the gaming community is a joke, when there is more customers and dollar amounts to be gained than from PSN.

MaxXAttaxX2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

'"PSN is Down, PS3 Now Doomed"' articles get a lot more hits.
Once we know PSN is back up and sites release articles titled '"PSN is Back Up, Enjoy"' they will not have the same impact.

There's plenty of trash articles bashing the PS3 while PSN is down. An honorable move by journalists with a mindset no better than the 1-bubble stealth trolls on N4G.

Sony is establishing a more advanced security data center with enhanced data encrypting.
PLUS Sony is giving ALL PSN members free software, 1 month of PS Plus for free and more content.

Let's see how these "journalists" turn that into something negative.

Wenis2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

As much as some would like to believe, the whole freaking industry isn't against Sony. Sony is just going through shit right now & its being reported on like no tomorrow, simply because they know the articles will generate hits. Its getting equally tiresome to read articles about how Sony is the victim of the masses.

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madjedi2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


"Because their fanboys are some of the most irritating pieces of sh*t on the planet! If it wasn't for that, people wouldn't have a problem! If you disagree... you're probably one of them..."

I love the logic your using, if you disagree with my statement your a fanboy, ever here of a difference of opinion? Because thats are very simplistic and narrow minded viewpoint.

Fanboys are annoying, but no more so than most other stubborn, opinionated and hostile people.

@the disagree care to elaborate?

thats_just_prime2754d ago

Yeah why the hell would anyone be pissed when you give away the personal info and CC info of 77 million people. I just cant understand why that up set someone

JackBNimble2754d ago

I don't know why anyone would be surprised that there is so much PS3 hate , I mean there always has been.
It's just that with the hacker incedent and the PSN being down it's just added fuel to the fire.

I do find it funny however, that subsrcibers of the other Network that has a payed subscription , are naive enough to believe that their system is safer and this could never happen to them. Paying for your service in no way means that you're paying for security.

madjedi2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

@thats Yes sony just handed over their servers to a random hacker and said enjoy./s -_- Just like any sane multibillion dollar company would willingly do.

If you actually bothered to read up on the situation and not here just to troll, only 10 million cc's are stored by sony, my credit card is one of them.

I really doubt this issue even effects you or alot of the 360 posters in psn is down/psn was hacked ect articles. And if it does, do what anyone with a brain in their head would do, monitor your card daily for suspicious activity and take action..

I swear, between the idiots demanding freebies when they pay nothing(psn+ &dc online users excluded), to the panicky people canceling their cards for no reason, to the 360 owners who seem to misplaced all their games. I can't wait for psn to be up so all you damn people will shutup and stop creating even more unnecessary drama.

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Boody-Bandit2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


"Because their fanboys are some of the most irritating pieces of sh*t on the planet!"

The rest of that "some" to make up the whole are fanboys of the opposition. So what was your point again?

Bias people should not throw stones at others for being bias. There is a word for people like that. Two words come to mind hypocrite and irony.

miyamoto2754d ago


The Western part of the video games industry obviously particularly hate US & UK ... but certainly not the East: Japan, Asia, South America, Europe and a minority in the US & UK.

And how about the majority of the billions who owns PlayStation hardware and games?

"But there’s a nasty trend happening right now that’s somewhat startling and disheartening at the same time. There’s a saying that goes “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. It means eventually, what’s in one’s heart will come out through the mouth, making known one’s true feelings towards a thing, or somebody. While scouring many websites, especially the most prominent ones, all I can see right now is hate towards Sony. Like a lion after its prey, they go after the giant and rip it apart like they wish the PlayStation brand was already dead. From IGN to Eurogamer, and VG247 to Gamasutra, there’s a pervading theme that seems to say “kill the dog while it’s down”, and, “make sure it’s beaten to death”."

Although I strongly AGREE that these sites use sensational PS3 press articles to get tons of hits but what I see wrong is the negativity in the industry this practices produce. That makes people irritated all the more instead of having a healthy gaming life.

Yeah these sites has been rumored as being considered big anti-PS3 sites with controversial articles & publications.

But in this PSN outage situation I can confirm that they went all out to perfectly take advantage of truly bringing the PlayStation brand down and showed their true colors & motivation.

This NEGATIVITY is the cancer that must be put to death and must not be allowed to corrupt the well being of gamers.

What an exposed shame.

Me, I will just try to have a positive outlook on my gaming life and enjoy my games yet being vigilant about anything that will destroy the good stuff.

Klaykid1232754d ago


You're an idiot. Read before you talk. Only 10 million people have CC info, and you can't use then without the security digits.

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Dante1122754d ago

S***, it's been that way since launched.

Istanbull2754d ago

Indeed, the anti-Sony media and journalists who keep on hating on the PS3, was always hating on Sony since 2006.

But gladly Sony put them in their place again and again when PS3 wins another GOTY, sells more units than Xbox etc.

shoddy2754d ago

or they are trying to persuay people to buy american product.

they talk sh1t bout product of China yet Donald Trump product is made it China.

LOGICWINS2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

The "whole freaking industry" isn't against Sony...its just your own paranoia. If what you say was true, PS3 exclusives wouldn't be getting the critical acclaim they get and the PS3 wouldn't be outselling the 360 worldwide.

I think people who spend too much time on the Internet forget that theres a world outside of it. What people don't understand is that the several dozen sites that spew negativity towards Sony have close to ZERO affect on what the gaming world AS A WHOLE thinks about Sony.

-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I agree-- people are ignoring the fact that there were tons of crap articles that didn't bash Sony as well. The underlying motivation for a majority of all articles about the PSN attack was just desperate attempts to get hits. It's annoying to see people blame the issue on "haters" or just the hate articles because then the other articles ("PSN is back up") get ignored when they are equally as trash

People should be attacking the system and how easy it is for anybody to submit garbage on here instead of just trying to pin the anti-Sony articles, because the issue is much bigger than that:

-asking pointless questions ("What will you do with no PSN this week?")
-bash articles (Sony is down for the count!)
-outright lies (PSN is back up)
-Biased polls (PSN users considering an Xbox)
-Defense articles (such as this one)

The criticism/bash articles are but a part of the whole. To me it's a typical cycle and it's like all the submitters are in on this formula while N4G just gets duped into following for the tricks.

DERKADER2754d ago

What happens on N4G stays on N4G.

starchild2754d ago

I personally think that many people have way overreacted to the whole PSN outage.

At the same time, I think if it were Microsoft they would be getting just as much criticism.

Journalists just latch on to anything that can give them a sensationalist headline.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Just see how the haters want to spin this.

Sony just apologized, besides of all the improvements, will compensate everyone even when they should not compensate the users because PSN is a free service and because of Terms of agreement #14.

Gamers and the Journalism should use the logic sense and be against the PS3 Hackers, not Sony.

Lf_sIcKmAn2754d ago

Yeah, they apologized for something that wasn´t their fault... i mean they got SEVERELY hacked... hacking of that magnitude takes a lot of knowledge and skills...

I respected Sony before this, but i respect them even more now... seeing kaz hirai and the other 2 bow in apology and stand up for the company they represent takes guts...

I hope you underage stupid fanboy kids, REGARDLESS of the sides you take acknowledge the STATURE of sony as a company...

B1663r2754d ago

You are the troll, and BMG rootkit, and they deserve it, and they need to quit lying about severity of the intrusion.

a_bro2754d ago

bmg rootkit was there because people cant have nice things, for example, what just happened. and then you wonder why companies treat its customers like douchebags.

fedexas2754d ago

How were they lying? Oh wait, you can't answer that, can you? You've been trolling PSN security breach articles ever since it happened, spreading misinformation and lies.


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r1sh122754d ago

bad news sells better than good news....

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XRider2754d ago

OMG! the conspiracy theories on this site fall into the same category as tin foil hats. MS DOESN'T OWN THE WORLD! RROD had just as much press as PSN of Death. Not to long ago the Iphone screw up was on the news for 2 months so get over yourselves people.

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rebirthofcaos2754d ago

slow news, or maybe they dont have anything productive to say.

-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

What "Industry"?

N4G submissions? I don't see the "industry" going against Sony on this one, unless you consider no-name sites getting tons of hits on N4G a part of the "industry"

Articles like this are no different-- they all try to play on the situation, whether that means they bash Sony or they make fake polls, or they heroically try to go against the other articles. It's all nonsense, and one big business of gaining hits.

I have no problem with the well written articles-- the Eurogamer one about Sony's PR disaster is a well written opinion piece outlining the issue of Sony releasing information a week after the attack. But the sheer spam of terrible submissions are annoying as a whole-- regardless of if they attack Sony or not, they all try to weave some sort of insanely pointless story.

BK-2012754d ago

The guy had quotes as proof. I'm appalled by the IGN ones and now I am certain that I will never trust another review from them again.

-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

IGN mostly, but they aren't "the whole industry" and it's not like all articles that criticize Sony are "attacking" them.

maruyuki2754d ago

so ign isnt part of the industry?

Dart892754d ago

I'm just glad soon will be back to gaming online and we can sweep this under the i'm looking forward to E3.

disturbing_flame2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Because they (US journalists) are fanboys.

They certainly took years trying to hide they were, but with all the trash they have written there's no doubt about it.

They gonna refuse to see the truth but it's not so important it's just sad for information and for all people, gamers that loves video games to see people taking this too seriously.

Sony apoligizes, do you think you gonna see those "so called" journalist apoligizes for all the crap they have written ? certainly not.
That's the reason all they'll write in the future will stay crap, as they are finally.