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alien6262820d ago

watching conference shows us and explains what happen sony did a lot of good things by turning off the service

BiggCMan2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Where are you watching it? Could you post a link?

EDIT: Thanks a bunch guys.

zeal0us2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

here hope it works, theres a article on n4g that gives the link.

what I get a disagree for? there is a article on n4g that gives the link that how I got it. if it didn't work sorry.

metsgaming2820d ago

i found a live blog through a pending article

Rumor2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

from conference: back up "within a week" and ps store "within a month"

if i heard right, then FUUUUUUUUUU..!!!!!!

edit:but i do understand the measures sony is taking to protect our sh*t, but honestly i just want to play my infamous 2 beta xl

MaxXAttaxX2820d ago

By shutting down the system they prevented further damage to the network and gamers.

"security codes have NOT been compromised. Monitoring this data remains their top priority.
They’ve established a more advanced security data center. They have a new program in effect for higher security of data including more advanced software monitoring, enhanced data encrypting and monitoring for unauthorized access and acess patterns, and additional firewals."

"PSN back up “this week”, all PSN members to get free software and 1 month of PlayStation plus free, plus more goodies TBA later."

- Those all sound good :)

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Sameh2820d ago

They're making it so you have to change your password on the system you created the account on or by email verification. Not sure what this means exactly, but it could mean that some users may be completely locked out from their accounts now.

zeal0us2820d ago

basically you can't change your password on others systems.

in a nutshell if some1 trying hack your account by changing the password on their console it won't work. It doesn't mean your account can't be hacked email wise.

a user should be able to transfer their account back to their original ps3 via usb or something right? I dunno seeing as I don't have one yet.

Soldierone2820d ago

Great my launch console is where my account started...and its gone.

wicko2820d ago

It says "that password can only be changed on the same PS3 in which that account was activated", which means your current PS3, not the first one you bought. You had to have activated your account on your newer PS3.

Vherostar2820d ago

AS long as you have access to the registered email you assigned to that account you should be good if not then why were you putting funds into an account where you no longer had access to the email? That's just silly... They will probably allow you to do it over the phone through tech support though if you give them the serial number of a console assigned to your account before the hack no doubt.

xAlmostPro2820d ago

@Sameh you can only change it via the original PS3, if you try to change elsewhere it will require email verification

Sniperwithacause2820d ago

Go to the article about 4 or 5 down to watch the live feed.

Sniperwithacause2820d ago

you may need to download the plugin

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