PSN outage 'goodwill gesture' includes a free download, 30 days free PlayStation Plus, Qriocity

Notes handed out before a Sony press conference today (timed so conveniently at 1am EDT in the US, and noon on the Sunday of Golden Week in Japan) reveal that Sony plans to offer free downloads of unidentified "content," 30 days of free PlayStation Plus access to new and existing members, and 30 days of free Qriocity service. The paper also says that PSN service will be restored "soon.

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Dart893703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I can live with that let people try psn+ for free that way if they like it they can buy it.Hopefully this will get my friend to buy it.

Edit:If someone can keep me updated that would be great im missing plug ins so it wont be able to stream it.

metsgaming3703d ago

Some will get pissed when there free games stop working when it expires but it will definitely make more people open to buying it. I see this working out great for there subscriptions even though some will get mad.

-Alpha3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Not 100% sure if "new" PS+ users refers to every PS user or if it means new subscribers + existing subscribers to the Plus subscription (meaning you still have to buy Plus) get an additional 30 days.

I think it's the latter. It's actually more than they really need to do-- the minimum needed is advertising the content that was lost.

However, to make up for the bad press, the goodwill gesture is needed. Just curious what the content is. IMO I think people will just forget about wanting free content after PSN comes back online. That's all people want.

LOGICWINS3703d ago


=) Sony loves us!

-Alpha3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

"I survived the PSN outage and all I got was this damn T-Shirt"

Free Home download, I wouldn't mind it lol.

Perhaps a Free Avatar of some kind? Would love some Portal 2 avatars.

The stream

metsgaming3703d ago

just said in a live blog that all users will get ps+ for 30 days

pixelsword3703d ago

Heh, gonna try this out when it happens, but I will read the fine print for any "wavers".

Just kidding, slightly.

:P :D =D

LOGICWINS3703d ago

Question: Do we get to use the 30 days ANYTIME we want?

ownallconsoles3703d ago

They're giving away over 100 dollars of PlayStation content for free, going to pay for new credit cards if needed, paying for you to be in a free identity theft program that costs tons of money AND they are rebuilding the servers and enhancing everything yet everyone is still saying its not enough.

Microsoft gave away Undertow for free when XBL was hacked...a crappy 10 dollar game.

Quit crying people.

Mustang300C20123703d ago

@ ownallconsoles,

Xbox Live wasn't hacked. It had an increase amount of users on the network during Xmas. But I know going by facts is an issue with the ignorant.

Cheeseknight283703d ago


That $10 game was for a very brief outage that didn't result in people's personal information being leaded out. Don't hold Sony on such a high pedestal here.

I appreciate the free content, but the damage has been done. They could have went out of business for this catastrophe. Had numerous people received the database of hacked accounts, this would have become a LOT worse for Sony.

leogets3703d ago

im pretty sure if its free stuff ya download it wont get deleted once it lapses. my friend ps plus expired and he had the same avatars ect

kikizoo3702d ago

"Xbox Live wasn't hacked. It had an increase amount of users on the network during Xmas. But I know going by facts is an issue with the ignorant"

The result is the same...and don't forget, your personnals informations are being leaded out by tons of commercial sites, sometime sold by some greedy ones...but most of the time, they don't say it ! (like probably ms if they were hacked)

so stop pretending it's a disaster, like other dumb xfans who play here their favorite and only game.

TheDeadMetalhead3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Wait, hang on a minute...

Does the free month of PS+ start automatically as soon as it goes back up, or can you start it manually? My damn PS3 YLODed (thermal paste wore off probably) and I won't have the money to fix it for like two weeks.

nveenio3702d ago

Sounds to me like the outage hasn't affected you like it has people that could play online if it was working.

OT: I honestly don't care if Sony gives stuff away for free or makes up for lost time. I'm a PSN+ user, and being without PSN+ for three weeks only costs me about $4. Sure, that's $4, but I'm not willing to burn Sony at the stake over it.

I'm just happy Netflix was working through this whole thing.

jeseth3702d ago

This is how companies should always respond to customers when problems occur.

They didn't have to do anything (except maybe for paying PS+ customers) but they went out and did it anyways.

Sony has pretty good customer service, I had a Blu Ray player I was having a hard time updating and I called Sony . . . they next day aired an update disc for free.

Glad to see them take this route with PS3/PSP.

limewax3702d ago

How dare you use such logic on N4G, $4 is a sacred unacheivable amount of money.

Id guess a lot of these people have never been hit by an actual financial scam to know just how silly they are acting over such small money, Go lose your life savings to a phony educational course, Which might I add was even MS certified (IT based course), then tell me how bad your lost PSN time is

Sarick3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Something else that is being forgotten here. These free month services can also be promotional opportunities. I think the OP Dart89 had this in mind but, didn't fully explain it.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that everyone is getting PSN pluss a month. The truth is I actually made this suggestion on one of my post.

The point I'm trying to make is this free subscription will also allow existing members to experience the PSN pluss services and may even entice users who don't have the service to purchase a subscription.

All I'm saying is despite all the bad press giving a free month subscription can have more than one benefit. It can be a welcome back gift and serve as a promotion to the PSN users who have yet to experience the benefits of it.

Lifendz3702d ago

Kudos to Sony for doing something to restore its customers good faith. Unfortunately, this won't be enough in the eyes of many.

HappyGaming3702d ago

This is perfect for me in a month and a half am going on holiday abroad till august and i my psn plus run out xD

So now I can play those old PSN+ games I used to enjoy than when I get back in August I can get a full upgrade yaaay :P

Yi-Long3702d ago

Read: European gamers are probably gonna get bat-'crap' again compared to the American gamers, cause Sony/SCEE has shown time and time again that they don't give a 'crap' about their European customers....


Dee_913702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I wanted a free avatar or 2
like we can pick out our own

gamingdroid3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

It couldn't get any more official than:

"That same reporter asked if passwords were encrypted. I believe (translation not being perfect) that Hirai said they were not."


That said, the freebies are very generous and the information is up front. Kudos to Sony.

HSx93702d ago

This is a slap to the face to people who bought PSN+, the only thing PSN+ members keep forever are avatars, DLC, and themes, and the rest of the stuff is temporary, so within 30 days, someone can just download everything you get to keep forever as a PSN+ user... I shouldn't have bought it and just waited for something like this to happen to have saved $50.. real slap to the face if you understand where im coming from.

Dee_913702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

OSAMA DEAD and i get free 30 days PSN + how could this day get any better

@gamingdroid let it go man

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awesomeperson3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Yeah it should hopefully entice more people, really good for Sony if they do offer it.

And I'm not going to complain about another month for us existing subscribers either :D

EDIT: Didn't see at first that it maybe doesn't mean every single PS member, although I guess its fair if they don't. It would cost quite a bit to give every single playstation member the usual PS+ service for a month.

Maddens Raiders3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

you are already a plus/Q subscriber already like myself. But I really don't want any handouts or compensation at all. Hell, I've got tons of sp games I've ignored /because/ of the PSN 8D. I just want to hear about my CC information and what they've done to prevent this going forward.

If anything, I wish they make this one of the most secure machines around, and announce StarHawk Christmas '11. That would be pretty f'n fantastic.

ReservoirDog3163703d ago

That would actually be good. Wanted to try PS+ to see if it works on more than 1 PS3 or if it would block my other PS3 from using it.

And I can't say I truly know what Qriocity actually is but hey, doesn't hurt.

wsoutlaw873703d ago

ps plus is free and discounted games so it works on what ever ps3 you have an account on. Just like anything else you can download anything on up to 5 ps3. The automatic updates only work on one ps3.

f7897903702d ago

I'm going to buy up a bunch of the discounted games that I've wanted. Might as well buy them now.

clonerz3702d ago

Psn plus content can be downloaded on up to 5 ps3 just like everything else you buy of store except video only attached to 1 ps3

lil Titan3703d ago

i would like a video of Sony shooting the hacker with multiple harpoon guns but PS+ free for a month is ok too

BABY-JEDI3703d ago

Maybe Sony will create a new franchise called 'Hunt the Hacker' something in the style of manhunt LoL

Blad3star3702d ago

Dont think Sony should rattle the hornets nest anymore than it has.

Sure might be working on this super security for PSN but hackers are some of the most ignorant and determine people I have ever seen.

The hackers will take a stab at Sony PSN again and will try and try to hack it until they cause another PSN down situation.

nikoado3702d ago

Wait, how do we use the free month of PSN+ if they expect to have PS Store up "within a month", when the PSN is expected to be up "within a week" ?

Or, can we take the free month anytime?

Scary693702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

How soon is soon? lol

"Another exec says Anonymous has attacked "repeatedly," but Sony doesn't know who is behind the recent attacks." If they find "Anonymous" I hope you have a nice trip to prison and don't drop the soap. :-)

FlintGREY3702d ago

Oh please...Sony owes nobody anything except maybe PSN+ and Qriocity subscribers.

showtimefolks3702d ago

that's all we can ask for the president of the company is saying they are sorry and that they have learned their lessons

and psn store hopefully will be back soon and no credit card info stolen sounds pretty good right about now

the new security measures sound really well great and thank you for giving us something free for well a free service to begin with



Koblec3702d ago

A free downloadable game would be awesome. I've been wanting to get Siren: Blood Curse for a while now.

farhad2k83702d ago

If that's the case, i want PSN to go down more often :P
Freebies are always fun haha
Maybe next time they can send us free games to our door :D

JLeVRT3702d ago

Im sure if this happened to MS, they would give us a high five and nothing else...

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Warprincess1163703d ago

So they still don't have a exact date when PSN will be back up. Oh well, the stuff they are offering is really good. Thxs Sony.

PirateThom3703d ago

The press conference hasn't actually started yet, so maybe more info on that in there.

TKCMuzzer3702d ago

I don't think they can give an exact date. I should imagine it's a slow process reactivating millions of accounts. I mean there is a lot of trophy syncing to be done. Hopefully by the end of the week all regions will have at the very least online play.

disturbing_flame3703d ago







gonna hate

kuroukage3703d ago

Nice! When did you start playing on PSN, Gary?

disturbing_flame3703d ago

About when i left behind my 360 because of all those shitty kinect games and those sub HD exclusives.

And it was awesome. ;)

kuroukage3703d ago

What? You didn't like those great Kinect games (like "Kinect"imals)? Well, have no fear! Sony can replace a silly 'lil game like that with an amazing, blow your socks off, animal raising experience called (drumroll please) Eyepet! That's right Gary toss out that copy of Kinectimals and be ready for an experience like none other. You'll get to raise your own tigers, lions, bears, oh my! (Batteries not included)

Marquis_de_Sade3702d ago

Yes, the last few weeks have been a roaring success for Sony, the victims of a hack that has brought PSN to its knees and slump in share prices along with vast negative media coverage as a result. Success in a nutshell.

Marquis_de_Sade3702d ago

Ah, so judging by the disagrees, this is exactly the way to achieve success? I will never understand the mindset of those who feel a loyalty towards a company or corporation, they are only after your money, and as a consumer, I'm only after the best level of service in return. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

b_one3702d ago

Golden Fingers award for u for typing this in that way ;)

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Godmars2903703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Nevermind one free download, wont a month free of PS+ mean a free episode of Qore plus tons of themes, avatars and whatever games are up? Even though with the latter you'll only have a month's access to them. And even then still you'll be able to buy and keep some games at a discount.

Talk about handing out free drugs. A first taste.

lazertroy3703d ago

I just want PSN back on.Also I thought the conference was tomorrow afternoon not 1am glad I didnt turn off my computer.

lazertroy3703d ago

It should be money so we can get what we want because I may already have the free game they give.