Sony Press Conference Live Stream

26star:Sony is getting ready to deliver their press conference about the PlayStation Network, and supposedly there will be a stream available. Not sure how accurate this is, but says to reload the page at 2pm JST, which is 25 minutes away.

Click the link below to see:


LInk is on the site.
-Press Conference is LIVE

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alien6262824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

hopefully is streamed live

its starting!!

alien6262824d ago

while watching it makes it clear and understanding what happen...who ever is skippig this is missing out go ahead and read an article whi is going to be bias

Oldman1002824d ago

The planned system software update will only allow you to change your password on the system the account was created on or through email verification. Looks like email only for those who no longer own their original ps3's.

I_find_it_funny2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

this stream is fail, out of sync, can't say who's saying what, weird translaction

EYEamNUMBER12824d ago

i actually don't see the point in watching this at best they will announce that PSN will start working later today but is that really worth watching?

like why not just wait until the highlights?

ddurand12824d ago

everyone is different, man.

CrazyForGames2824d ago

i don't get it either watching a live stream about someone from sony talk about the PSN breach? from what im hearing in japanese too REALLY?

EYEamNUMBER12824d ago

im not saying people shouldn't watch it im just saying i don't get it in the same time this stream is being played an article IN ENGLISH will come out explaining what it is

so i honestly don't get it

Kon_Artist 2824d ago

wtf i get this lil box on the top left and it wont show anything else

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zeal0us2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

thx for the link hopefully it will work. if it don't I will probably see it on some tech site or here 8hours from now.
guess I'll go jump on netflix until then

w8 will this won't this be in japanese, crap : ( guess I'll for the english version if it is.

zeal0us2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

there's a English commentator/translator. thank god. Female lady who english doesn't sound great but hell idc.

HolyOrangeCows2824d ago

I'm just sick of hearing "eeeehhhhhh" every 10 seconds....

I've stopped watching. I swear, all of these questions have been answered for a long time.

lzim2824d ago

I'll watch this over some dumb royal wedding...

upturned22824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


I got the latest news. lol that sounds stupid, but I do!

Danielmccue2824d ago

What are you talking about? the royal wedding was yesterday morning at 11am. it well over now

Baka-akaB2824d ago

lol What's this , the e3 conf ? :p

Lirky2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

This is a live event from kazuo hirai the No.2 in Sony HQ addressing the security breach issue in this news conference.

Graphics2824d ago

What is the Yakuza 4? Hes the 2nd chairman of the Sony Dojo clan?

InLaLaLand2824d ago

The main man (behind the scenes) Ken Kutaragi is the top kaicho of the Sony Yakuza Clan :D