CVG: Catherine Review

CVG: "As the first HD game from Atlus' Persona team, all of this is presented via impossibly stylish anime cut-scenes of Final Fantasy length, but ones you actually want to watch. And as the story grows darker and Vincent's web of lies more complex, so too do his dreams.

Here's where the bulk of the gameplay lies. You climb the tower of Babel, pulling and pushing cubes to create steps Vincent can scale. It's kind of a reverse version of Tetris meets classic platformer Q*bert or early PlayStation game Kurushi."

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Slapshot822825d ago

So glad that this game made the jump from Japan! I can't wait to give Catherine a go, and Atlus rocks!

Suicide2825d ago

The gameplay is so boring though.

PirosThe4th2824d ago

Boring its freaking [email protected][email protected]
And fast even though it looks boring. If you play it, it's not. lol

jonboi242824d ago

i love atlus for bringing games that would usually not make it here. they have proved to be loyal to their fans and i would be forever loyal to them.

ELinktricTears2824d ago

Good score. It was cool seeing Vincent making a cameo in P3P.

christheredhead2824d ago

this is one game im really excited to play

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