IGN: The Witcher Hands-on

IGN went hands-on with The Witcher:

"We've been eagerly awaiting the chance to sit down and get some private time with CDprojekt's The Witcher for a while. From the many times we've had glimpses during the game's development, we've been impressed by the narrative, feel of the world, and had high hopes for the more involved RPG combat system. The game is very near completion at this point and we've been playing through a near final preview version for the last few days trying to get as far as possible to see different areas, complete some quests, and see how decisions affect gameplay."

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MK_Red4021d ago

I'm really angry at stupid publishers of this game (Atari). Seriously, Why the hell aren't you people hyping this game? The Witcher has a lot of potential to become a classic RPG and yet too many people haven't even heard of this game.