Detailed Look at the Xbox 360 Retail Releases of May 2011 (PlanetXbox360)

A new month is upon us and we here at PlanetXbox are taking a look at some of the new releases in store for Xbox 360 players this month. From Driving games, to FPS', and open world sandbox games, May will have something for everyone. Let's start with the Disc based games you'll be spending time on:

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Persistantthug2817d ago

The First Templar.

I think it's time to celebrate :)

KonaBro2817d ago

+bubble. Last game I bought for my 360 was Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Maybe I'll have a reason to buy more games this month.

4Sh0w2817d ago

Im not sure if it reviews well I might buy.

Jezuz2817d ago

so, it's all about the reviews? You should not care about the reviews and just watch some gameplay videos on youtube and see if it's interesting for you.

4Sh0w2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Well of course its not always about reviews, there are some games I know I will buy no matter what reviews say, some I know I will buy as soon as they are announced, sometimes Im just hesistant because the game itself just doesnt have anything that really grabs my attention, but there have been a few rare sleepers that Im happy I bought despite my hesitation at first, so it varies but I buy quite a few games every year, $60 adds up, Ive never liked renting games so occasionaly I feel a few purchases werent worth the it, so when Im on the fence there are a few sites that I generally trust with reviews, so yes their opinion is helpful for me.

fluffydelusions2817d ago

I'm hoping Brink is good...

VampiricDragon_2817d ago

kinda underwhelming in my opinion

Loner2817d ago

E3 soon.Im hoping for new games

mantisimo2817d ago

for your kinect peripheral?

hennessey862817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

it will be dirt 3, la noir and brink. Hopefully my fanatec gt2 will have arrived by the time dirt 3 releases.

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The story is too old to be commented.