Viva Pinata presentation

Presentation video of Viva Pinata explaining how the game works, and especially how we are able to get some type of Pinata in our garden.

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TheMART5371d ago

This game will be fun. Yeah even when Fony Freaking Fanboys say it's a kiddy game, it is more then the colourfull graphics.

I hope they keep playing this down. I'll bet with the TV serie and all the attention it is getting, this will be one of the 'sleeper' hits around. It'll sell systems this Christmas for sure. First the younger audience, but when a playable demo will be released expect your girlfriend and eventually yourself be addicted to it.

Could get larger then the Sims

Jay da 2KBalla5371d ago

This is going to be huge. a killer app. Even though it is targeted at younger audiences Im interested to see more of the gameplay and what it can do with live.

TheMART5371d ago

A real fun thing is jay, that you can design your own Piniata. It gets a sort of tag with it, that says who designed it, in which country and so on, with the name you gave the animal.

Then if you aren't threating the Piniata right or it just doesn't feel at home anymore, it could go travel. And travel on Live to another 360 user. Imagine that. A Piniata getting from your place to the other side of the world...

Still having the name you gave it, having your initials/gamertag, the design you gave it... It's HUGE and it's fun!

original seed5371d ago

i cant wait for my Pinatas to circulate. Then i'll be receiving messages from people that have my pinatas in their town. im 25 and i can see my wife and i fighting for play time. november cant come soon enough

bernie5371d ago

This is really going to add a lot of variety to my Xbox360 gaming. It's going to make a nice change from Dead Rising, Gears of War, Lost Planet, Test Drive Unlimited and Forza 2 sessions.
We need more Lego Star Wars II, Kameo & Viva Pinata style games, all shooting and driving will make gaming dull. Nice one Microsoft. :)

Sidherich5370d ago

its really fun. But not very beginner friendly.

it has a tutorial that is more than half an hour long and in the case of the GC version crashed mid thru or had script stoppers and such. Thats why most people never played that game for very long on GC. only people i saw playing regulary were MS employees and they had fun.

Graphics are indeed excellent tho they did stutter on the first (non public) day because it was running with 4xAA. with 2xAA it fluid.

TheMART5370d ago

They'll clear that up before releasing for sure