New pack shots revealed for $300 Dirt 3 bundle

Examiner writes " has revealed several new pack shot images for the deluxe $299.99 Dirt 3 with Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car Bundle for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360."

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limewax2729d ago

For $300 they can shove it, its bad enough they passed a game made originally with Colin Mcrae's name attached over to Ken Block who is more show than racing potential. But a $300 deluxe bundle.......Is this the highest priced bundle in gaming history?

The stupid thing is it has no real value to gamers and much more value to RC collectors

showtimefolks2729d ago

5 complete AAA games.

also how about a proper sequel to GRID.

I would love to see codemasters do a NASCAR game since they know racing inside out and would do the sports justice

HK62729d ago

Yeah I can't wait for GRID 2.

Modestmex2729d ago


Nitrowolf22729d ago

here I thought cod bundle was expensive
wow selling at a price of a console

PRHB HYBRiiD2729d ago

i told them dude you guys should make a ford fiesta replica ....but like a collectible not a fucking rc car..$300 bucks? wtf

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