Top 5 dissapointing video games so far this year

It's time to get past the PSN stuff and get back to games. The Gamer Sheep website has a list of five games that have dissapointed this year.

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arizona-techgeek2727d ago

I hope PSN is on that list. Or at least Killzone 3.

killershadow1172727d ago

Which contradicts the title completely, sure they explain it in the article but it's not a game or any specific game for it. It shouldn't be on the list and if he wants to include it then it should be a separate a article.

DarkFantasy2727d ago

yeah kinect is lame,seriously who finds petting invisible tigers fun -_- at least with move and wii you have some hardcore tittles,still wondering how that starwars game will do but i don't think it will turn out that well.

Zydake2726d ago

sucks for me i just purchased a kinect all stars and homefront i hit jackpot.

Christopher2726d ago

@Zydake: Stick with them. I've had a ton of fun with some fairly big failures in the past (Alpha Protocol from last year being one of them).

MaxXAttaxX2726d ago

You 360 fanboys are getting worse.

Stevo912726d ago

@Nathan. Im not a fanboy or defending Xbox but since when has kinect been a video game also? (which is on the list)

Sono4212726d ago

Not gonna lie I didn't get Socom4 I only played the online beta but just from the online beta I don't see why people are saying its so bad. I thought the online beta was awesome! But didn't buy it because I don't have the money :P and alot of my friends weren't getting it :P but what I mainly care about is multiplayer and in that division (if you ask me) it was excellent!

thugbob2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Just to let you guys I only own a PS3 and I do believe that the PS3 is better system out of the three consoles, but you Sony fanboys amaze me. You guys will say every single PS3 exclusive is a good game no matter what some of you guys don't even buy the games you are praise, which means you guys are just praising it because it's a PS3 exclusive.

Killone 3 is not a good game and it is not better than Killone 2. Killzone went the CoD rout. Killzone 2 was one of the best First Person Shooters this gen. Had the developers built off of what was good in Killzone 2 and corrected what was wrong in Killzone 2 for Killzone 3, Killzone probably would have been in the talks as the best First Person Shooter, multiplayer wise at least. Instead, the developers implemented CoD influences into the game. The guns have no recoil, people drop dead as soon as you lay eyes on them, killstreaks are now, present, people no longer start on equal terms no that perks are in the game, several good features in Killzone 2 are no longer present in Killonze 3, and the list goes on.

True fan of Killzone 2(the ones that have played it for 2 years straight) are extremely disappointed with Killzone 3. If all of you nut heads that are praising Killzone 3 would have actually bought the game, Killzone 3 would have passed Killzone 2 in sales by now, but no all you guys do is blindly praise anything PS3 and bash anything that is not PS3.

I bet some of you guys think Gears of War is trash, right? lmao Killzone 3 is definitely a disappointment for 2011. Resistance 2 is also another example of a game being disappointing to the FANS. Most resistance fans will say that Resistance is better than resistance 2. Just to let you guys know since you guys wouldn't know since you guys don't buy the games you praise rofl.

I really just hope games like Brink succeed so that developers realize that you don't need to be a CoD clone in order to have a successful game. I'm so tired of developers says we want the game to be more "accessible." Just make a damn game without the masses in mind for crying out loud. Focus on making a good game because good games sell(for the most part anyway), don't you guys agree?

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Baccra2726d ago

Killzone 3 didn't make the list. Therefore list illegitimate.

smoothdude2726d ago

I got my copy of Killzone 3 the day PSN went down. However, today I busted it open and started playing the single player, and I just can't stop playing it. It does feel like Call of Duty this go around, however, I am enjoying it.

I can think of many titles which I would better be suited for a disappointing list.

sobekflakmonkey2726d ago

Yeup, I agree, Killzone 2 AND 3 should have been on that list, they both had an amazingly shitty Campaign, I still think the first Killzone was the best in the trilogy..

NeoSprtacus2726d ago



That's the sound of the point of the article going your head. Also the sound of a plane.

Persistantthug2726d ago

They promised an Epic and engaging story. They said they had writers from RED DAWN movie working on this thing. They had a great'd they mess that up?

kreate2726d ago

exactly! man wtf! this game wasnt a epic fail. but it was still extremely disappointing. i beat it in 5 hours. and kim jong il or his son didnt even come man its bullshit. i want my money back.

Rybakov2726d ago

it WAS written by John Milius and it was engaging it was just short....there is also a book you could read that gives a better back history too it

and if you couldnt tell by the end they set it up to have a sequel....but then again im sure you haven't seen or heard of Red Dawn before they mentioned it and it also takes intelligence to disect and understand the plot....not every game has to pretend its 1952 and we are fighting Russia and communism cause Big brother says commies are evil

Scary692726d ago

I must admit homefront and Socom 4 were very disappointing *sigh*

Colmshan19902726d ago

What a stupid list.
Kinect is not a video game, nor was it released this year.
And if games like Homefront, Shift 2, and SOCOM4 were disappointing, I wonder what the writer would make of a genuinely bad game.
I haven't played WWE, but as it's in a list with Homefront, Shift, SOCOM and Kinect, I'll assume it's better than an average game.

jeseth2726d ago

Killzone 3 was/is awesome. Do you losers just whine or do you like playing total eye-candy/sensory overload games?

KZ3 was just insane. Maybe you have a tube TV and your idea of surround sound is an audio out to your Sanyo CD Player Boom Box.

Games I was a little "dissapointed in" :

Dead Space 2 : Felt clumsy at first, lost the scariness of the first one. Good game, was just expecting more after how awesome the original was.

Dragon Age 2 : More Linear, Repetitive side quests and environments, can't change party members appearance/armor. Once again a good game but not as great as Origins.

Homefront : Great marketing, average (at best) game.

Socom 4 : I'm starting to think they should just put a fork in Socom.

MLB The Show : I usually love the show. This year has great player upgrades but controls are just getting silly and the game focuses more on RTTS than an actual franchise mode.

thugbob2726d ago

Killzone 3 is a huge disappointment for people that were a fan of Killzone 2. Killzone has been made more CoD like with camping being super effective, killstreaks, perks, removing custom games, weapons having no recoil, and the list goes on. Killzone 2 was one the best FPS out this gen. Killzone 3 has been reduced to be a run o the mill shooter. CoD's success is ruining the FPS genre because a lot of developers are making their games like it and Killzone 3 fell victim to this. Killzone 3 is still a good game, but it could have been better if the developers tried to be unique instead of trying be more "accessible." Games are no longer made for the fans... I find that very sad.

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Relientk772727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I've heard good stuff about Homefront and WWE All-stars

don't really get y they're on the list

Ducky2726d ago

Homefront has decent multiplayer, however, it's the single-player which is the real sinker (and what the article targets)

Whereas Valve can turn a simple concept of portal-based puzzles and make an amazing story around it... Kaos did the opposite. They had an amazing concept that they hardly took any real advantage of.

dragon822726d ago

I have them both and really enjoy each one. Homefront is some of the most fun I have had in an online shooter and All-Stars is a fun arcade style wrestling game.

SephireX2726d ago

A proper original story for a shooter would be one where the US isn't involved at all. Or maybe have the US as the baddies for once?
How about a game where you play as Muhammad locked in a prison being raped by the guards only to escape and suicide bomb a train? Or maybe not...

Colmshan19902726d ago

I want to see that released just so the tabloid writer's head will explode.

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