PSN: The Sky Is Not Falling, Nor A Glitch In The Matrix

For the past week or so, the engaged gaming community has been treated to a parade of fear mongering horror stories in reference to the PlayStation Network. Reports of hundreds of dollars missing from people’s accounts with evidence that amounts to anecdotal. Analyst predicting billions in losses for Sony. I say hog wash, and the only thing that is astounding is how easily people fall for these web traffic tactics.

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iamnsuperman2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

You came too late really. The storm here died this morning but I am still amazed the a non doom and gloom has appeared unlike the fanboy dribble we have seen

Sev2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Ha! I bet it's nice to hear that you've came too late rather than you've came too soon. ;)

Honest_gamer2728d ago

that depends is it a fit person or somewho who u HATE only doing it since u lost a dare, durnk or blackmailed lol

blumatt2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Once all this is over with here in a week or so (I'm guessing there, btw), everyone will forget all about this and enjoy the vast variety of exclusives that the PS3 offers. In the end, we'll have a more secure network as well as the best exclusives in the industry. Sony won't let this debacle get them down. They "get knocked down, but they get up again. You're never gonna keep 'em down." haha (great song. Chumbawamba-I Get Knocked Down)

MAULxx2728d ago

Doom & gloom, web traffic tactics, whatever you want to call it doesn't change the fact that something that should've never happened indeed did. People got pissed & rightfully so.
If you didn't have your CC info on the PSN then it didn't affect you too much.

What do you want people to do bury thier heads in the sand & pretend it didn't happen?

TKCMuzzer2728d ago

My CC details are on the PSN and it has not effected me. Last year I had my card used without my knowledge. My bank halted my card and phoned me. I told them I had nothing to do with the transactions,they took some details, within a week all the money including charges were removed from my card.
As of now there is no proof of anyone's card details being taken, Sony have had to cover themselves by warning people.
The simple fact is you are more at risk when you purchase something online, trouble is, people have got so relaxed about it they think it can't happen. It happens every day, it's just they are not as sensationalized as this one has been.
As bad as this has been, some good will come of this. It is more likely now that the PSN will be more secure than anything out there. The problem with the way the web reports news these days is that the real criminals here are virtually going unreported, which is exactly what they wanted.

mastiffchild2728d ago

@TKCMuzzer-you bring up the very point that has me considering jacking games in altogether I'm sorry to say.

People have, no doubt, been ID scammed by a zillion online connections from PSN, Live and even Wiiconnect to your everyday email provider and ISP itself-PSN having security issues is a story, for sure it's a story, but at least something is being done(exactly what we're yet to be told)this time round. Had Sony left PSN up while trying to sweep it under the carpet as a kind of occupational hazard(as other companies have done with online issues of a similar importance)I really doubt the furore would have kept up the way it has. Certainly, had it been a subbed service the temptation to keep running would have been bigger so, who knows, maybe if Sony have found a good fix in PSN's downtime because they COULD take it down as a free service it's very gratis nature could end up being Sony's saving grace in many ways-not least future legal claims.

Whatever, Sony/PSN have been painted as those culpable in most articles on the subject which is the REAL wrong here.Gaming and mainstream media is doing gamers, Sony, MS, Steam and the games industry in general a disservice in it's eagerness to pick at Sony. They lost sight of finding out or pointing out the fact people are hacking and cheating and stealing from THEIR OWN kind!!

If the current gaming "community" is happy to score their console war points and ignore the "by the grace of God" aspect in all this then I dunno if I WANT associating with gamers anymore(and I've been a gamer since the mid/late 70s on and off,am the partner of a talented gaming wife and dad to three more young gamers-so I feel these moral issues a bit more I guess)or if we're a particularly decent looking bunch to those gazing from outside.

I'm on the inside and don't see why it's more important to knock Sony than start getting the hackers, cheats and enablers of piracy and ID theft out of our communities. We stopped tolerating racism as communities and it was this, rather than politicking that brought the real changes towards a more equal society. Drink driving among the UK driving/motoring community also virtually stopped when we drivers told the idiots who still did it we'd had enough of the world outside thinking we all condoned crappy behaviour just because we did nothing to stop it even if we didn't drive wrecked ourselves.

As a musician who has food taken off his kids' plates every time a tune I worked on or wrote is illegally shared or pirated I might be biased though I'm fine with second hand sales.If someone wants to sell on the physical media,say a CD, then surely the onus was on ME to make a better recording. One they'd WANT to keep? I've never heard anything similar said by anyone in gaming which makes the industry seem childish and greedy-but are we getting the industry we deserve because we harbour pirates and hackers with no morals simply by allowing them to carry on their activities because it's easier to do nothing at all?

THAT'S all it took for concentration camps to happen, all it took for the gulags etc-for decent men to turn a blind eye in fear of rocking the boat or just plain naive thinking that things aren't as they seem. I know this isn't a war or a holocaust and don't wish to offend with those as comparisons it's just that I feel the focus has all been about scoring points in a war that doesn't exist beyond a few mad individuals who make heroes of these thieves and enablers of theft. Not proud of a lot of us as too few are looking for a true way out of this and, as I've said, are only too pleased to wallow in their enjoying fellow gamers' misery. Shameful. Shameful behaviour and not how I want my kids thinking of a gaming community at all.

MAULxx2727d ago

I understand what your saying & I know I'm at risk when using a CC anytime I use it.

I also understand that these thieves are criminals but Sony failed at keeping my info safe did they not? I blame them for that.

As far as the hackers go, can anyone find out who did it? It may be possible but probably wont happen.

I mean your not gonna be able to stamp out hackers & piracy. Not without hurting legit folks.

I agree also that PSN will no doubt be more secure now. But should've been that way when your asking people to trust you with CC#s.

ShinraE52728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

The PSN system down so its doomed articles were hilarious.

The wii was doomed when it was a gimmick. Went on to dominate first place.

The 360 was doomed when the RROD emerged. It went on to nab second place and stay competetive with sony.

The PS3 was doomed when it failed to snag first place in a went on to rebound nicely, just about to nab second place.

The point? Doom articles are everywhere, the doom itself is nowhere.