Mass Effect Anime – An Amazing Concept or Amazing Mistake?

"Bioware and EA recently revealed that the Mass Effect franchise would be heading into anime territory with a movie release date set for summer of next year. It being Mass Effect, one of the best game franchises of this generation, you would expect panties to be dropping at said news.

Yet, not so much."

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CrzyFooL2732d ago

As long as they don't screw it up, I'm on board... The Normandy

Yi-Long2732d ago

... but I'm afraid they'll be too scared to do a proper anime-treatment, and instead go for a east-west blend again, like they did with Halo, like they did with those Matrix-shorts, like they did with the Dead Space stuff, and like they're currently doing with all those Marvel 'anime'....

... and usually when you kinda try to please both worlds, you end up underachieving and pleasing neither.

socomnick2732d ago

Halo animes were decent so were the dead space stuff, only video game animes that were terrible were the dantes inferno ones.

East-west blend works fine for these western game ips.

Go too east and the animes become jokes.

GameTavern2732d ago

I don't know, not the same type of game, but didn't personally care for the Halo anime.

And that has a much less player driven narrative, can't imagine this appeasing too many people.

Stunt2732d ago

FUNimation's good. I trust they'll do ME good.

Baka-akaB2732d ago

They aint neither good nor bad , they publish anime , they dont make it .

Batmau52732d ago

That pic is great, also sums up my feelings on this.

chairmanlove2732d ago

dear EA, please stop ipcubing everything, that is all.

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The story is too old to be commented.