Why Do We Love Zombies?

For a group of gruesome and non-existent folk they seem to be unusually popular in the current times. It’s one of those things that seems like one of the most two dimensional narrative scapegoats, and yet it persists and continues to permeates our mediums of entertainment. Zombies are everywhere lately but why do we love them so much?

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Wick2731d ago

There's just something about them that makes them excellent villains. Not to mention their near iconic status now.

There have been a lot of great zombie movies (such as Romero's,) but there have also been a lot of duds. Same with games.

2731d ago
NukaCola2731d ago

I am tired of zombies personally. I did really enjoy the Yakuza of the End demo tho.

TheHip142731d ago

Ya I don't care much for zombies either, although I do love Dead Rising

RaymondM2731d ago

zombies are the great mass villain for our generation tho! They don't offend anyone and they can be almost endless which creates a great atmosphere of panic in a game.
Also, dead rising rocks

Doctorofreality2730d ago

Valid points in there. Transformers with zombie mode..WOOOT! that'd be sweet. killzone zombies...omfg