Pachter: Portal 2 the 'strongest' GOTY contender

According to a new Twitter post by video game analyst Michael Pachter, Portal 2 is the "strongest contender" for this year's game of the year. He apparently has just completed the story mode and has praised the well-received title, along with giving props to voice actor Stephen Merchant.

TOO PAWNED4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

This guy (pachter) is a clown. I doubt he even touched Portal2. He just looked at metacritic and saw high score. O God let's ask Pachter about weather...

Istanbull4540d ago

He is indeed a clown, he is probably assuming that because of Portal 2's high metacritic score. What a dumb clown, we are only in April, Uncharted 3, L.A Noire, Skyrim could all be 95+ on Metacritic, what will this Pachter say then?

sdtarm4540d ago

its a great game but there are so many games coming and in so many different genres that its hard to say that portal 2 will be the 'greatest contender' for all sites, doubt it, Pachter GTFO

Jio4540d ago

It's an amazing game. Not game of the year though, definitely a contender

metsgaming4540d ago

your probably right. he probably is only saying that because of metacritic score like it has any baring on how good a game is when they are so biased.

Commander_TK4540d ago

Nothing will stop L.A. Noire. Not even Uncharted 3. There u go, I said it, PS3 fangirls.

hobohunterz4539d ago

@commander, why would ps3 fangirls care its not an xbox exclusive anyways....

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Kran4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

Nobody listens to patcher, of course....

... But have you even played Portal 2, and explain why it's not a strong GOTY contender


well. What patcher should have said is that its ONE of the strongest

NatureOfLogic4540d ago

he said Portal 2 is the "strongest" GOTY contender, not Portal 2 is a strong GOTY contender.

lelo2play4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

From the games released this year until now... Portal 2 is the only GOTY contender.

But there are still a lot of games to be released. Just this month we 2 great games... LA Noir and Witcher 2.

chidori6664540d ago

finally Pachter was right in his statement....

the_best_player4540d ago

uncharted 3 will win mark my words

ReservoirDog3164540d ago

Wow, never thought there'd be this much portal hate here.

Bout halfway through the singleplayer and it's really good so far. A bit slow paced but it's a puzzle game. Can't wait till my friend gets it so I can try co op.

Solidus187-SCMilk4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

I still dont get why people talk about GOTY before the end of the year.

There are still so many games coming out that are also going to be contenders.

At least wait till the end of the year so you can at least pretend to have played the other contenders before claiming your favorite game GOTY.

Although most people forget that GOTY is completely subjective and individuals will have many different GOTYs, the least you can do is wait till the end of the freaken year.

ITS NOT CALLED GOTF4M(game of the first 4 months).

hobohunterz4539d ago

I agree its not its not even a full game

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Raendom4540d ago

Great game, loved, loved, loved the SP part... if only PSN would get back up so I could play Co-Op!!!

BrianG4540d ago

Co-Op is awesome. I was playing it last night split screen. Puzzles are even better.

We got through 14 puzzles, so far the narration is okay, but I expect it to get better towards the end. Cave Johnson was funny as hell, would mind hearing him in the co-op campaign.

Mr PS34540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

Wow he tells us this without even playing all the big hitters that have yet to come out !!
Who is this Mullet Sportin 60 year old Virgin Anyways

Focker4204540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

Do you know what a mullet even is??


Solidus187-SCMilk4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

how did you git dat dare picture of me

Focker4204540d ago

I'd say as of right now the 2 top contenders are Portal 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2. But that will more than likely change in the second half of the year. There are sooo many good games this year its very difficult to pick a definitive winner.

Jester4540d ago

thats odd....i guess they are doing the the goty awards 7 months early this year

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