Sony and Toshiba agree chip deal,enter into joint venture

Following rumours last month that Sony would sell its processor chip manufacturing facilities to Toshiba, the company has announced that it will enter into a joint venture instead.

The agreement, which should be completed by the end of March according to a report by Bloomberg, will see the transfer of manufacturing facilities to Toshiba, while manufacturing will come under the control of the Sony-Toshiba joint venture.

Sale of the facilities to Toshiba is expected to raise JPY 100 billion (USD 858 million), and the Sony share price had climbed 0.6 per cent by the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The move also follows Sony's announcement earlier in the month about its partnership with Infineon Technologies on the production of DRAM chips.

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bluebrad19744016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

This just solidifies that the Cell was designed to support blu-ray movies instead of gaming. Though it doesn't mention it in the article, Toshiba had planned to use the Cell in their 2006 line of hdtv's. I'm curious as to how Toshiba will use the Cell now. 10 bucks says it won't be for a game console though.

AllanWakker4016d ago

My god are you completely clueless.

gEnKiE4016d ago

Youre an idiot.....the CELL was made to be used in a number of things. Although its the same premise of the PS3 cell, the chip is going to be different in anything else it is involved with. This made very clear from the beggining....

bluebrad19744016d ago

You fellas can spin it anyway you want, but there is an over abundance of evidence that says the Cell is garbage as a gaming cpu. There is also a huge amount of evidence that shows the Cell is suited for video image decoding.

andy0014016d ago

So the cell chip is good for computing and for processing video images? Hmm, I wonder what kind of appliance needs those kinds of qualities.

AllanWakker4016d ago

Maybe you're right...

Just think of how good a game like Killzone 2 or Ratchet and Clank would look and play if Sony had gone with something better than those crappy old Cell chips!

CaliGamer4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

And yet KZ2 looks to be arguably better than anything the 360 has to offer or will offer. If that is what you call a chip that specializes in image decoding, color me sold.
I believe this topic get dangerously close to the argument about supporting American companies over companies that are foreign, but I am sure no one would like to get in that debate with me. Globalization was my specialty in graduate school, its one of my favorite topics, and one that I find people have a great many misconceptions about here in the United States.

brad, you really have to stop posting these links bro, they don't help your case at all.

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CaliGamer4016d ago

I really hope that you weren't born in 1974 because that would make you about 33 years old, and that logic you just used would make you certifiably retarded.
You have no evidence to back up those claims, the Cell has been said to be very flexible in terms of uses. There are silicone chips in many devices, its called a flexible technology. I am positive that if you broke the 360 down to its components, you would discover that not all the pieces in it are used exclusively for gaming.
For god sakes man, act your age, your a veteran of the Armed Forces after all.

bluebrad19744016d ago

For a college grad, your either uninformed or terribly unobservant. Do you deny that game developers are having trouble with the Cell? Do you deny that Cell and blu-ray were engineered almost simultaneously? Do you deny that the Cell is being touted as a breakthrough in video image decoding? Are you not seeing the irony here?

If gaming was Sony's primary focus when the Cell was engineered, then I'll kiss your ***. But I don't have to worry about, now do I.

nasim4016d ago


This is an article to refute and dispel the negative comments circulating around based on commments from worst anti-sony man JOHN CARMACK .
CARMACK was bashed back in 2005 when he said "Doom 3 is not possible on ps2". Gaffe proved him wrong by bringing GOD OF WAR --one of the technical and graphical marvel of LAST GEN.

as for doFrad it doesnt even know what it is talking about. Its editor was a former MS employee just like JON HANNIBAL of arsenetica. HANNIBAL was also a former MS employee

***************************** *****************************


CELL is around 4--5x as powerful as the QUAD CORE processor. Anyone who runs FOLDING HOME project will notice that CELL dissipates 250GFLOPS of energy per sec

However lets get down to the benchmaks
***************************** ****************************

IN RAW FLOPS crunching CELL is 3x as XENON

However XENON cant do any of procedural sysnthesis of PROFX

Neither can it do TRE,RAYTRACING,RAYCASTING ,Linear matrices at 256k etc

***************************** ****************

IBM's take on XENON and CELL.

Note:- IBM is the maker of both CELL and XENON

Speed Thrills: Cell Zaps Rivals
Xbox 360
Pentium 4
Extreme Edition 840

Sources: Microprocessor Report; IBM.

IBM themselves are stating that CELL is 3x as powerful as XENON in raw flops crunching. NOTE :- this report was released prior to the release of OCTOPILER ----the default compiler for CELL.

***************************** *********************

Here are the complete list of Benchmarks for Cell .
NOTE:- all these were released before the advent of OCTOPILER.

BUT according to these benchmarks a CELL is around 20x as powerful as any of the High end DUEL -CORE desktop processors including XEONS and OPTERONS

Cell beats 7800gt by 6:1 .This should give people an idea about why KZ2,LAIR and other ps3 titles look wayy better than anything available on any other platform. Cell's ability to carry out Graphical tasks are also consolidated with this benchmark

****Now MC systems take on Cell

RESULT:- Cell murders PC cores

***************************** ***************************
Now lets see what [email protected] Berkeley had to say on CELL

RESULT :- in SP calculation (which is related to gaming ) a Cell is a minimum of 10x as powerful as the most powerful OPTERON available today. The margin shoots to 60x in some perf like TRE and STENCIL

***************************** *************************

This is IBM's take on CELL.
NOTE :- the becnhmarks were released prior to the release of OCTOPILER

RESULT :- Cell murders competition

***************************** ************************

MIT ---world's no 1 university in engineering is claiming that the performace of CELL could be multiplied even by 6x/7x with the release of a bypass multipurpose and multiphase COMPILERS

***************************** *************************


a CELL processor is roughly 5x as powerful as 2X QUAD CORE setup.


thanks to BEYOND 3D and PSU

***************************** *******************

Unlike normal processors a Cell do do full fledged raytracing at 720p @ 30fps

IN RAYTRACING a CELL is 130 x as FASTER as XENON /any duel core processor available today




a CELL beats 8800 GTX in RAYTRACING by 5:1



NOW lets head to GPU.

there has been common misconception all around that RSX is weaker than XENOS which is utter BS

Lets take down the benchmarks of the 2

***************************** *****************

PS3 can do 51 billion dot products per second

XENOS can do 33 billion dot products per second

NOTE :--although RSX is 7800gtx/7900gtx based ..Its architecture has been tweaked later by NIVIDIA


7800gtx has 24 pixel shaders .
RSX has 28 pixel shaders . 24 of them are active and 4 are partially disabled at the moment

XENOS on the other hand is R420 based.

Here is anandtech's take on XENOS

The unified shader thing is a hoax and unlike the dedicated shaders of RSX xenos' unified pipelines are indeed very weak

RSX has a texel filrate of 13.2 g/s
XENOS has a texel filrate of 8g/s

RSX can do 136 shader ops per second
XENOS can do 96 shader ops per second

RSX has 32 dedicted pixel shaders and 8 vertex shaders
XENOS has 48 unified shaders

RSX has a clock freqency of 550 HZ
XENOS has a clock frequency of 500MHZ

RSX is DX 9 compatible but supports all future revisions of OPEN GL
XENOS supports DX 9 C+ and supports OPEN GL till 2.0 ONLY

RSX has a diameter of 258mm^2 and is a 90nm chip
7900gtx has a diamter of 196mm^2 and is also a 90nm chip
Xenos has a diameter of 160mm^2 for the mother die and 100mm^2 for the daughter die

PS3 has a total bandwidth of 22g/s + 28g/s ( video + system)
XENOS has a total bandwidth of 22g/s (unified).the edram bandwidth of 256g/s is irrelevant at resolutions above 720p.

even at lower resolutions it makes up for the lack of 360s total bandwidth . However this theory fails in games which reqires intrinsic data processing eg UT3 and DEAD RISING

***************************** ***********************

CONCLUSION:_ BY all means a CELL thx to EDGE and iRT is a minimum of 10x as powerful as the XENON. However the margin shoots up in some applications as revealed by the benchmarks.

The CELL excels in anything that requires heavy processing. A QUAD CORE to some extent can do those calculations at a much slower speed . However the XENON cant do any of the HEAVY INTRINSIC PROCESSING as in PROCEDUAL SYNTHESIS of PROFX (see above)

The RSX is also significantly more powerful than XENOS but not as efficient at the moment . BUT things would change just like the way it had after the inclusion of EDGE,iRT and RAPIDMIND SDK for PS3.

***************************** *************************

The RAPIDMIND SDK is just a tweaked version of SDK that is normally used with supercomputers.

[url] https://developer.rapidmind...

***************************** *************************

FINAL WORDS:- BY all means a CELL is wayy more powerful than not just XENON but naything available in the market today.
RSX is also more powerful than XENOS but we will have to wait a little more to see the JALWA
games like LAIR do consolidate this claim even as of today.

CaliGamer4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I see your point now, your just hung up on wether the Cell was specifically built for gaming from the beginning or not. Your not questioning that it is in the end regardless of all that a superior piece of technology.
As for the problems people have been having you seem to not understand how things work. The PS3 Cell = New technology
New Tech = Learning Curve
Learning Curve = Difficulties that will lessen over time
Fact - Less than a year and the PS3 has some compelling IP's to call its own.
Fact - BluRay is becoming a feature that more developers find useful.
Fact - Sony has ALWAYS included new technology in their consoles.
Fact - The Cell has some amazing properties that with time will only become more apparent.
I guess you just wanted to make a specious argument about the Cell, while ignoring the fact that Sony or IBM have never said that the Cell is only for gaming. If it makes cheaper BluRay players, we all benefit. So I don't really understand the point your trying to make in your comments. Judging from your post history, it seems your notorious for comments with little to no substance. To each his own I guess.
Thats cool bro, I must have misread your post, no need to kiss my a$$ even though your wrong, I'm not into that but if you are more power to you.....

@ naism..
Good god man (LOL).

bluebrad19744016d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night. I'm not your "bro" btw. The proof is in the pudding. The ps3 hasn't shown anything that can't be done on 360. Quite the contrary.

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Vojkan4016d ago

"The move also follows Sony's announcement earlier in the month about its partnership with Infineon Technologies on the production of DRAM chips."- what does this exactly mean?

AllanWakker4016d ago

"Bloomberg reports that Sony has joined forces with Infineon Technologies AG in order to reduce development costs for its consumer electronics division.

Both companies will own equal stakes in Qreatic Design, a new Tokyo-based venture that will design DRAM chips for use in Sony's consumer electronics including cameras and mobile phones as well as the Bravia and PlayStation brands.

"This deal allows us to combine Sony's chip-designing ability with Qimonda's chip-making ability," Sony President Ryoji Chubachi said in an interview today. "That way, we can share a roadmap to cut costs.""

xc7x4016d ago

if only all business was this civilized

bigmoney6174016d ago

Sony and Toshiba agree HD-RAY deal,enter into joint venture.