Three Free Games On Steam For ATI/Nvidia Owners

If you're an Nvidia or ATI owner you can now get Portal, Half Life 2: Death Match, and Half Life 2: Lost Coast for free.

ATI Users:

Nvidia Users:

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Solidus187-SCMilk2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I already have half life 2 and lost coast but I never got portal.

I was actually thinking of buying portal on steam because I never tried it and want to play portal 2 of course.

This is awesome Ill try it and let you people know how it goes.

good looking out plbelanger.

edit- Nevermind, its only portal:first slice, a lengthy demo. Ill probably just buy portal instead. But you can get peggle and HL2 deathmatch free.

fluffydelusions2821d ago

I just tried it and it worked for me. I already had Portal but HL2: Team Deathmatch and Lost Coast are now downloading :)

gamingdroid2821d ago

The Portal version they are giving away is an extended demo. Do anyone know about the others?

fossilfern2821d ago

I dunno about the Death Match but HL2 Lost Coast is just a tech demo that was shown a couple of years ago to show off the HDR technology of the source engine. Its not a full length game, you will have it completed in 10 minutes.

ZombieAssassin2821d ago

Sweet downloading right now, I think this makes 4 or 5 free games I've gotten from steam.

DRiX2821d ago

They've had this deal running since at least November 08...

Mikeyy2821d ago

Thats what I was about to say LOL. I just starting using steam for the first time a week ago. noticed Valve had alien swarm up for free. So I thought, "hey maybe Ill google some more free steam games" My results took me to a forum post that layed them all out in a post from 2008.

Very old news.

Newtype2821d ago

Do I get both if I have Nvidia and ATi? I still have my 5750.

xDaRkModEx2821d ago

If you got both cards just try?

coryok2821d ago

they dont check which card you have lol. its just demos with advertisement

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