5 PS3 Sequels Sony shouldn’t announce at E3 2011

Gamersmint: We present you five games that we hope won’t get announced at this year’s E3 event.

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Shackdaddy8362729d ago

Well if it's an improved Haze why not?

Anarki2729d ago

I just wanna see what hideo announces :D

Biggest2729d ago

I would personally like to see any and all of the games they listed. I would also like to see hundreds of other sequels or new games announced. I really enjoy video games. I don't really enjoy asking for fewer video games.

Dee_912729d ago

"Yakuza 6? WTF? Yakuza 5 didn’t even release! Yakuza of the End is a spin off title, just like Yakuza Kenzan! Yakuza 5 didn’t even get announced, check your facts mate"

Gamersmint is officially shart!!

Danielmccue2729d ago

I will NEVER forgive haze for killing Timesplitters

jony_dols2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

A multiplatform Haze 2, if done correctly by Crytek UK (Free Radical) using CryEngine 3 could have some serious potential. The jungle eviroments would really suit Crytek's propriety engine.

The original had a lot of wasted potential like the use of Nectar vision, the ability to play dead & the way your character switches allegiances midway through the game, if it had a COD style multiplayer as well, it could be a great game.

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TurismoGTR2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

2. Heavenly Sword 2
3. Starhawk

1. God Of War 4
2. Uncharted 4
3. Socom 5
4. Killzone 4
5. Resistance 4
6. R&C 9
7. Motorstorm 4
8. Gran Turismo 6
9. Twisted Metal 6
10. iNFAMOUS 3

All of these are PHENOMENAL TITLES! but.. enough with the sequels lol.. new IPS!

*I kno "dude".. I'm just listing games that don't need sequels for another 2-3 years.

psb2729d ago

wtf, most of this titles aren't even release yet and you expect Sony to announce another one? You need to take a chill and smell some fresh air. XD

Kain812729d ago

1.ADRIFT from Studio Dontnod
2.Sony Santa Monica works on new IP
3.Guruilla Games has a New IP in the works
4.Sucker punch works on new Ip
5.Sony london studios works on something, maybe 8 Days

TOO PAWNED2729d ago

All I want is more new IPs. Established franchised, I am cool with it. But new IP is always nice, and fresh. That's what I am looking most forward to for this E3. New IPs.

thugbob2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"enough with the sequels lol.. new IPS"

Says the guy with MGS5 as "needs squeals"

guigsy2729d ago

If there is any game that doesn't need a sequel, it's Metal Gear Solid.

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sinncross2729d ago

There is abolustely no way that Sony or SEGA would announce Yakuza 6 at an American conference...

why the hell is it even on the list...

Dee_912729d ago

they would have to announce 5 1st
so we get 5 and 6 announced in same year according to gamersmint

Rybakov2729d ago

yeah they need to announce 5 for the US....and i believe they said they wanted 5 to be the last one didnt they?? and also a release date for of the end would be nice too

RankFTW2729d ago

Yakuza 3 and 4 are both amazing games and I can't wait for 5.

cannon88002729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

actual Haze quote "That was like taking candy from a crippled baby!"
Watch the ign game review. One of the characters say that

Just thought it would be kinda interesting for you guys to watch. Then you can think if this game needs another sequel.

jerethdagryphon2729d ago

why do people fail to realize the dialouge in haze isnt bad its ott because it was meant to be all the mantel soldiers are high thats why there nuts thats why theres no blood

the diaglouge is accurate for marines on drugs

DigitalRaptor2729d ago

Haze is a highly misunderstood game.

What you said about the Nectar making them high and acting all crazy is true.

360 fans like to jump on the "Haze is crap" bandwagon, but it was a early title that didn't live up to its promise. It's not an amazing game either, but it's not bad. It's a good game.

Peaceful_Jelly2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

But Haze is not a Sony game so they can't announce it. If Ubisoft wants to make another what can Sony say? "We don't want your exclusive, get out!" and then bam! an article in N4G: "Sony breaks ties with Ubisoft".

cannon88002729d ago

sorry I didn't mean it just for the ps3 i meant it for the other console too. I just forgot to write it down.

cannon88002729d ago

The people in N4G leave me most of the times confused. Why would people disagree with my error correction? Most of the times I feel like its the same people.

Vherostar2728d ago

Amazing that you can come up with 5 so easily on an article like this. There not even bad games in most cases just half decent reasons why people don't want to see sequels.

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Kain812729d ago

Heavenly sword 2 should be announced... definatly

Dart892729d ago

I would love that and for Sony to announce a damn sequel for Legend Of Dragoon.

Istanbull2729d ago

Legend of the Dragoon is the best Jrpg along with Xenogears

Karooo2729d ago

Yeah haze lol, that game was so bad. Although Id like a socom game since its fun.

Focker4202729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

This list is a complete failure.

Socom 5- Really?! Socom 4 was just released! Why on earth would they show Socom 5 at E3?

Motorstorm 4- Seriously?? Motorstorm (3) Apocalypse doesn't even release in the US until May 3rd. Again, why on earth would they show Motorstorm 4 at E3?!

Yakuza 6- Ummmm Yakuza 5 isn't even out yet... Do I really need to repeat my last 2 statements??

Lair 2- Lair is dead, there will never be a sequel.

Heavenly Sword 2- This is the only game on the list that actually has a chance of currently being in development. And personally I'd love to see it at E3.

This list was the least thought out I've seen in a long time. When I clicked the link I assumed it would be some games that actually had the chance of making an appearance at E3. Don't bother giving this site hits, its an extremely poor article with no thought behind it whatsoever.

MidnytRain2729d ago

This was what I was thinking. They might as well have tossed in Uncharted 4 and inFamous 3 on that list. Also, there are spoilers in the article.

InLaLaLand2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

If Yakuza 5 is announced, the main stage for it would be the Tokyo Game Show. The Yakuza devs are making Binary Domain atm for next years release.

For the Yakuza fans waiting for Of The End (I'm kinda unimpressed with the demo) Sega might announce that or Kenzan at E3. I hope the Yakuza PSP game is translated.

PirosThe4th2729d ago

I liked the demo Of The End it's kinda old school gameplay and that's what I love. Plus the shots on car gas-tanks never get old!!!

younglj012729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"It’s’ time to stop making Socom games. The ones on the PS2 were a work of art while both the Socom games on the PS3, Socom Confrontation and Socom 4, disappointed a lot and alienated their fanbase. It would be nice if Zipper can sit out this gen and make MAG 2 for the PS4. They are truly the weakest link in Sony’s studios and haven’t made a good game this gen. While we loved their Socom games on the PS2, they just don’t have it in them to replicate and continue that trend for the Playstation 3."

If u fuking kidding me I have spent more then 30 hours with Socom 4 SP alone.And then you have tha nerves to tell me Zipper cant make a good game this gen.MAG is by far tha best shooter on tha market to date.Only reason it gets no love is bc u have to work as a TEAM.This article is my prime example y I stop looking at OTHER ppl reviews.

TOO PAWNED2729d ago

"MAG is by far tha best shooter on tha market to date" - buahahaha I hope you are smoking some weed.

younglj012729d ago

Lol yep i smoke all day every day.CoD black ops nor BC2 havent been able to pull me from MAG.Only game that made that happen was Socom 4.SO yes in MY eyes MAG is tha best shooter on tha market.

MysticStrummer2729d ago

I agree with him. MAG is the only online FPS of this gen that's held my attention and keeps me coming back for more. So damn epic. Most FPSs are pretty much the same cake with different decorations, Resistance and Killzone included, lest you think I'm just a blind Sony exclusive supporter. At it's worst MAG is about the same as those others, but at it's best there's nothing else like it. Period.